With the 3rd Pick in the 2010 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select...

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Ndamukong Suh, DT - Nebraska

Pick made by TheAngelsColts:

The Bucs biggest needs are DT, WR, and then DE or S. With him falling to 3rd they have to take him, not only because it is such a need, but he's also considered one of the best Defensive players to come out in the last 20 years. At 6’ 4" and 305 pounds he fits well into their one gap system and can play any position on the D - line except NT. There are some highlights here.

The guy is incredibly strong, has great footwork, terrific speed and motor. Also he has excellent hands and technique for his position, He is quick for a DT that can recognize those screens and adjust quickly.

How he'll fit in with the Buccaneers:

Put the long arms, tremendous upper body strength, good first step, great lower body drive, and a non-stop mentality in the Tampa 2 defense and you've got freakish weapon. As opposed to two-gap schemes and other systems that require a defensive tackle to eat space and take on multiple blockers, the Tampa 2 and it's single-gap responsibility would give Suh the ability to get consistent pressure through the 3-gap and would regularly command double teams, which still might not be enough to slow him down every time.  Double teams would clear space for speedy WLB Geno Hayes to reign terror in the backfield. 

Once again realize this is the best prospect out there and is the teams biggest need, so there is absolutely no way they pass this opportunity up.

If Suh is taken #3 by the Buccaneers, it would be the highest DT taken in the first round since 2001, when Gerard Warren was taken #3 overall by the Browns.  It will also be the first Nebraska player taken in the top 5 since 1994, when the Colts took Trev Alberts #5 overall (remember, Mel Kiper thought the Colts should have taken Heath Shuler or Trent Dilfer).

Suh's Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The Redskins, and Colts Homer, are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 St. Louis Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame TouchdownColts
2 Detroit Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St. coltsfan723
3 Tampa Bay Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska TheAngelsColts
4 Washington Colts Homer
5 Kansas City sanders_fan89
6 Seattle shake n bake
7 Cleveland 2ndBlueGeneration
8 Oakland LovinBlue
9 Buffalo Cassieper
10 Jacksonville peytonsthebest
11 Denver JPBarnett
12 Miami fpacheco
13 San Francisco BlueVol03
14 Seattle shake n bake
15 N.Y. Giants gizzardfanny
16 Tennessee Addai Another Day
17 San Francisco BlueVol03
18 Pittsburgh LV Steelers Fan
19 Atlanta fiftycal2004
20 Houston Aerostar193
21 Cincinnati FineClub
22 New England skywalker
23 Green Bay bracketismyboy
24 Philadelphia TehRhino
25 Baltimore SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs
26 Arizona NYKings
27 Dallas jules62
28 San Diego chad72
29 N.Y. Jets diagenesis
30 Minnesota DClark#44
31 Indianapolis mgrex03
32 New Orleans palco
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