Do you mock me, Sir?

I think we are starting to get a taste of what the Colts will look like going into the draft, so I thought I would take my shot at mocking their selections in next month's draft.  This is a bit of a combination between what I think they will do and my own preferences of what I think they should do.  So... here it is...

(includes two 7th round compensatory picks)

Rd 1.  Maurkice Pouncey C/OG Florida 6'5" 304 lbs.

The FA signings this offseason don't change anything in my opinion.  Most of them are training camp fodder.  Assuming that all the top flight tackle prospects are gone, Pauncey seems to be the consolation prize.  Should be a solid heady player at guard who can eventually replace Saturday when he retires. 

Rd2.  Amari Spievey CB Iowa 5'11" 195 lbs.

The Colts are desperately thin at CB after the departure of Jackson and Jennings.  Lacey was a nice surprise last year, but I'm not sure he is a long term solution at nickle.  Spievey has really been flying up boards, so much so that he may not be there at #63.  He is very good in zone coverage and a strong tackler; two assets that the Colts covet in a CB.

Rd3.  Jason Fox OT Miami 6'7" 303 lbs.

Clearly we need help at OT.  Fox projects as one of the few LT prospects available this late in the draft.  This move would allow us to move CJ inside which seems to be an inevitability at some point.  I really like Fox and think he would be a steal this late, but I sort of doubt the Colts actually go after him.  Ed Wang from VaTech might end up being a more likely pick, but he doesn't posess nearly the upside that Fox does in my opinion.

Rd4. C.J Wilson DE East Carolina 6'3" 290 lbs.

We are quite thin behind Freeney and Mathis at this point and could use a DE to fill Brock's role.  I've gone back and forth between a pass rush end or a bigger run stopper.  At 290 lbs Wilson is clearly the latter.  Not much of an edge rusher but strong as an ox (32 reps at the combine!)  He's got just enough of a pass rush to play spot duty but will really help load up the line on running plays.

Rd5.  Barry Church S Toledo 6'2" 222 lbs.

Is anyone confident that Bob Sanders will be back healthy next year?  *crickets*  I thought not.  We could use some much needed depth at safety.  Barry Church strikes me as a slightly richer man's version of Melvin Bullitt.  Not real fast and not spectacular in coverage, but very good read & react plus great in run support.  Should push Bullitt for playing time or at least provide solid depth.

Rd 7.  Brett Swenson K Michigan St. 5'8" 178 lbs.

I'm not sure how much longer Vinatieri's leg will hold out.  He has really declined the last couple of years due to injury and age.  With Stover retired and Andrus signed elsewhere, it's time to bring in another option.  Swenson is probably the 3rd best kicker in the draft.  Doesn't have a huge leg and tends to hit line drive kicks.  However, he has solid accuracy from inside the 40 and is probably the best option this late in the draft.

Rd7. Michael Hoomanuwanui TE Illinois 6'4" 264 lbs.

Colts haven't had a good blocking TE since Ben Utecht left for Cincy.  If Hoom.... is still available in the 7th I will consider it a gift.  He would fit this role perfectly.  Not much of a threat in the passing game but strong and a solid blocker.  Plus how fun would it be to cheer for a guy named Hoomanuwanui!

Rd7. Stevenson Sylvester LB Utah 6'2" 231 lbs.

I have a suspicion that we will resign Tyjuan Hagler before the offseason is through, but even so we could stand a little more depth at the LB position.  Sylvester has been a solid playmaker for a very good team.  If nothing else he should give a boost to the special teams defense

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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