Eric Foster sued for sexual assault

No, this is not a prank. A civil suit has been filed against the Colts' Eric Foster for sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment, and emotional distress. All of this appeared to happen in the morning of the AFC Championship game against the New York Jets. How it happened, from the story I linked:

The night before home games, the Colts customarily stay at the University Place Hotel, which is on the IUPUI campus. A hotel manager had asked Lauren Glisson, a 22-year-old student at IUPUI who is a receptionist at the hotel, to deliver a dental kit to Foster’s room on a floor reserved only for Colts personnel.

Glisson knocked on Foster’s door, according to Board. He accepted the dental kit then asked her to look at his bathroom sink, which he said wasn’t working.

According to Board, Glisson declined and suggested she would call maintenance but that Foster insisted she address the problem.

‘‘She went in,’’ Board said, ‘‘and he slammed the door, and then proceeded to forcibly engage in deviant sexual acts.’’

Glisson escaped from the room, with her clothes disheveled, returned to the lobby area and immediately reported the incident to a hotel security official, Board said.

The story then goes on to list the many ways that the police and other people screwed up in handling the case. No statement from Foster, his agent, or the Colts have been released yet, although I think we'll get something as this story blasts across the Internet. Oh, and it's important to note that no criminal charges will be brought against Foster.

I think I speak for all of us here when I say that if this is anywhere near true, Foster should be cut immediately. I don't want scum like that on the Colts. I honestly hope that Foster didn't do these things, but it certainly doesn't look good. You might want to add a backup DT to the list of needs heading into the draft this weekend.

Tip to TheAngelsColts for originally finding the story here.


Yeah, you might be yelling your way out of Indy.

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