Draft Wishlist: Top 3 that I would like to fall to the Colts in each round.

Wishfully thinking, "hey I hope this guy falls to the Colts" got me thinking about which guys that I really want for each round.  I'm going to list the three for each round with a reason why I think they could help improve the team.  I may also include a few guys that I do NOT want the Colts to draft. 1) Either I think they are over-rated or over-valued 2) I just don't like that person as a Colt.  Remember this is a wishlist and some of my picks may or may not make it to the Colts, but I am going to try and address only guys that I think the Colts have a semi-realistic chance at getting; especially if the Raiders do their normal draft and help every other team in the league get better.  Hey, thanks Al.


PS: I apologize, as I suck at writing, but I wanted to share my thoughts.  

Round 1: Pick # 31

1.  Brandon Graham, DE, Michagan

If he makes it this far than this is probably a Best Player Available pick, however, I would love it.  D-Free and Mathis are getting older and injuries to them seem to have put us in disadvantages the last several years.  It would be nice to have someone that can actually generate a rush and be productive while Freeney and Mathis are off the field.

2. Maurkice Puncey, C, Florida

Could be an instant upgrade at guard and our future at center.  This guy plays with a chip on his shoulder and is extremely competitive.  Has a high football IQ which BP likes, especially at such an important position as center.  Like it or not, our line needs to get better and the FA that we signed don't exactly stand off the page, but they will be nice for depth.  I still see the most likely first round pick will be to upgrade the line unless a stud like B. Graham is available.

3. Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

Because we definitely need an upgraded line and I think all the first round quality tackles will be taken by now and I do not want to reach.  Hopefully, I can pick up a decent tackle in the third or fourth round.


Please, Do not take at #31

1. Charles Brown, T, USC

I really hate this pick and all the mock drafts that have him going to the Colts.  I have seen this guy play many times and must say he is not elite and not a first rounder; probably a mid-second to third at best.  He is big and athletic, but lacks aggression and is not strong; he gets beat often with bull-rushes and spin moves.  To me he looks like a repeat of Ugoh.  Please do not take in the first round, Mr. Polian.

2. Roger Saffold, T, Indiana

First off, I really like Saffold, but not as a first rounder.  If he is there with our second round #63 pick, I would take him.  If my worst fears are realized and Polian takes either Saffold or Brown in the first, I say please take Saffold.  He is just as athletic as Brown, but with much better size and strength.  Should be able to step in and play either tackle position right away.

Round 2: Pick # 63

1. Devin Ross, CB, Arizona

Was able to watch him play for a few years here in Tucson.  I think he has all to tools to be a starter, but will really help our depth issue.  He isn't the fastest, but he is strong and physical and gives a pretty good jam at the line of scrimmage.  His physicalness alone will make him worth our second rounder.  No more Randy Moss or Wes Welker jumping off the line.  Ross likes to give punishment.  Good in coverage and good tackler.  This guy is the opposite of Tim Jennings.  Only problem is he may be a slight reach here, but I do think he will be there the bottom of the third round.

2. Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State

This guy has been all over the board and may or may not be here for #63, but I can hope.  BP loves Big Ten players, especially JoePa guys.  Odrick is quick with a high motor and would be an instant upgrade to or DL, especially if the Eric Foster story is true.  I wouldn't expect him to be a Colt for much longer, so DT may be a priority this draft.  I know we have Moala, but we still need quality depth.

3. Sean Lee, OLB, Penn State

Again with the Penn State players.  Lee has a high  football IQ and is a great tackler with good instincts.  Could be the first backer off the bench for us or could by mid-season supplant Wheeler as a starter. 

Please, Do not take at #63

1. Tim Tebow,  QB, Florida

Tebow enough said.

2. Rennie Curran, OLB, Georgia

Gets fooled by play-action pass way too often and let's face it: This is a passing league.  Does not get off of blocks very well.  He is short, but quick and would not mind this pick if it was in the third or fourth round, but not second round value.

Round 3: Pick #94

1. Chris Cook, CB, Virginia

Good size, good instincts, and great tackler; I think he would be a good third round value at a position we could use some depth.  

2. Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

I really think the third round will be used either to upgrade our depth in the secondary or upgrade our return game, but either way I don't think we escape the third round without a CB.  Unlike Cook, Arenas is short, fast, and elusive could be like Devin Hester.  He is little but he hits like he is alot bigger, would not be a wasted pick as he could upgrade our return game and at the same time be a decent Nickel back.  Look he will be better than Jennings or Rushing.

3. Jason Fox, OT, Miami (FL)

Our line really needs an upgrade and I think all the elite tackles will be gone before our first round pick.  Fox is 6-6 and 300lbs with quick feet.  Great athlete that used to be a TE, but I think he could develop into a starter for us. Polian probably loves this guy as he started all 4 years and has a high football IQ.  Can play either tackle position.

Please, do not take at #94

1. Ciron Black, OT, LSU

Inconsistent and lazy.  Not worth a pick earlier than fourth or fifth rounder.  I do not want this guy and he is overrated.

2. Major Wright, S, Florida

Safety depth would be nice, but I would rather take a late round chance on someone like Myron Rolle or Cam Nelson.  Wright is strong and aggressive, but an average tackler at best and lacks the athleticism that the Colts like in their secondary.

Round 4: Pick #129

1. Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale College

Small school player here, but don't judge because he is nearly 6'8" and 322 lbs and quick for his size.  His forty time was 5 seconds flat.  Still needs some work, but could establish himself as a starter once the season starts.  Love this guy's potential with that size, I think could be worth a fourth round chance, we wasted it last year on a risk guy so let's do the same thing this year and take a fourth round risk.

2. Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina

A young guy coming out as a junior, but he is 6-6 320lbs and shows really good strength and athleticism.  Not very quick and lacks ability to chase down a play, but if it comes right at him it will not get any further.  Should be a great rotational guy, especially on running downs.

3. George Selvie, DE, South Florida

Another player that has been all over the board.  Great speed and body control.  May be a little small for a DE, but in the Colts scheme it may work.  Has a knack for knocking down passes if he can't get to the QB. Something we really haven't seen from the Colts DL in a long time. I think with a DL that can disrupt the pass lanes not just with his body, but his hands as well that we probably would not have lost to that shorty D. Brees.

Please, do not take at # 129

1. Sergio Render, G, Virginia Tech

Not the greatest technique wise, but super strong and can usually bully around the guys that he blocks with his 320lbs frame.  Could help with our run game, but may be a reach in the fourth.

2. Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke

Definately a reach here.  Tall but weak.  Would not fit the Colts defensive scheme.  I would not take this guy unless it is the sixth, at least for the Colts.

Round 5: Pick #162

1. A.J. Edds, OLB, Iowa

Iowa seems to be another school that Bill Polian prefers. High football IQ with good size and strength.  Plays all out all the time, but is not that athletic.  He is a great tackler, and would probably only be a suitable backup, but a good one.

2. Amari Spievy, CB, Iowa

Good size and athleticism.  Would fit great in the Colts scheme.  We have been talking him up for awhile and would love to take him in the fifth.

3. Andrew Lewis, C, Oklahoma State

Great intangibles and solid at run blocking.  Could be a future replacement for Saturday.  Great agility and communication skills which are a must with the Colts complicated offense.  Lacks ideal size, but hey so does Jeff Saturday but these are the kind of guys the Colts love: Smart, Small, and Athletic.

Please, do not take at #162

1. Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

Tall and long, but could not keep Jimmy Clausen clean in college.  Has good explosion off the ball, but once he engages the blocks do not last long enough.  Also, not a very strong guy.  I think he falls in the over-rated category, but hey take a chance if he is becomes an undrafted free agent

2. Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami (FL)

Look not every basketball player TE convert are great.  I like Graham's potential, but not well enough until maybe the sixth round.  I think NFL teams may be too high on this guy because he is a great athlete.

Round 6: Pick #  No Sixth Round Pick for Colts

Round 7: Pick #240 & 246 (A few extras because we have more than one pick in the 7th)

1. John Skelton, QB, Fordham

I really really really dislike Painter and think that there will be a better prospect in this round.  I like Skelton, because he is big with a strong arm.  I think he could make all the throws in the Colts playbook right now.  He is very raw, but maybe working behind Peyton could make him a great #2.  Painter has to go please.

2. Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State

Lacks quickness and is only an adequate blocker, but he has good size and technique can be taught with a seventh round pick it could be worth a risk, because Santi and Tamme can not stay healthy.

3. Myron Rolle, S, Florida State

I like this kid alot.  A good tackler and super-stinking smart.  Could be a great back up and special teams player, which is all we can ask for with a seventh rounder.

4. Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling Green

This would be another pick to upgrade the return game and depth at reciever.  Barnes has good size, good hands, and is good at adjusting to defenses and finding holes.  I like this as a seventh rounder.

5. Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama

Who knows if Adam is healthy? Why not grab a young guy with alot of potential and have him learn under Adam for a year.  Not great leg strength, but his accuracy is amazing and to me accuracy is more important.  Could be the type of kicker that is around the league for years.  Please, BP, please.

There are no players that I would list as not worth a Seventh Rounder,  and will be excited to see whom we chose and who we sign undrafted.

I hope this helps create interest and debate.  All I can say is........................Is it Thursday night yet?

I can't wait.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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