2010 NFL Draft: Rick Gosselin gives Colts a "meh" draft grade

Colts drafts are boring for national media types. No trades. No flashy picks.

Because there are none of these, there's nothing really to talk about. Also, part of the reason media don't like to judge Bill Polian drafts is the fear some have in challenging a Polian pick, which speaks volumes as to the type of respect the Colts President generates. He might be a crotchety ass-wipe to just about everyone in the media (and several fans on his radio show), but he's a absolute genius when it comes to drafting quality players.

That said, one of the few national media types who is respected by teams is Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News. Today, he released his grades of the 2010 draft.

After the jump, Gosselin suggests the Colts did not do very well in the 2010 NFL Draft.


Hughes is a perfect fit in Indy's undersized speed pass-rush scheme, and he inexplicably fell to them at the end of the first round. Eldridge was the best-blocking tight end in this draft, and Angerer plays with anger against the run.

What's odd about the grade is that is doesn't not seem to match Gosselin's comments. A "C" grade, and everything written about that grade is positive? While Gosselin seems to be a good guy, I suspect he's a little scared to truthfully pontificate on why the Colts had a seemingly "meh" draft in his eyes. If he starts bashing picks (as I did) and those picks turn out to be good players, Gosselin loses.

Personally, I think this is weak on Gosselin's part. A "C" grade is a weak grade for a draft. Either clarify that weak grade with reasons why the team seemingly screwed up, or don't grade at all. If you are wrong about that "C" grade two years from now, fine. Who cares? There's nothing "wrong" about being wrong when you are evaluating draft grades from a media perspective. Their job is to be critical, and often they have to do this with little or no real information.

On the other side, Bill Polian (with his decades of experience and legions of professional scouts) has been wrong on second and third round players for four years now, and I don't think that has damaged his rep much. I also don't think he cares much what people think of his rep. He just does his thing, and if you don't like it you can go screw yourself.

Gosselin should have had a little of that kind of attitude in his write-up for the Colts if he is going to grade them with a "C" for the 2010 Draft.

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