Colts Fans Your First Hand Opinion is Required....How Does Bad Weather Affect the SB?

Full disclaimer to start out - I'm a Patriots fan who comes on here every once in a while - always in good taste.  Today I'm looking to you gents at a level above our two teams and their rivalry - I'm looking for more thoughts and opinions regarding being fans of the NFL in general.


I'm very disappointed by the NFL decision to host SB 2014 in NY/NJ as I feel this is a sever departure from the original intent of the Super Bowl.  As I understand it, the original concept of the SB was to put the best two teams on a neutral field, with optimal playing conditions so the best team could truly be determined with no outside factors affecting the game.

So um..... New Jersey?  In February?  I'm no Jim Cantori, but this doesn't seem to bode well in the 'optimal conditions' category.  In fact, the decision to have an SB in NJ presents a greater chance of weather/location taking away from the biggest game of the year then it does adding to it.

There is a reason so many New Yorkers are in Florida or the Caribbean in Feb - IT IS MISERABLE WEATHER AROUND HERE THEN.  There is as much a chance (if not more of a chance,) of cold, gray and rainy as there is snow or sun.

Yet this decision is not surprising at all considering the revenue implications this has for the NFL and that is where disappointment  sets in.  The NFL once again has clearly put profit ahead of quality of product.   That's bad business 9 out of 10 times.

All I can think about was how poor a game it is in Miami 3 years back.  It was sloppy, it was messy, both teams struggled with execution and overall it seemed like a very subdued football game - more like a Monday night game then a Superbowl.  Beyond the game play, the glitz and aura of the SB was lost in the elements to me.

Worse, I think both teams and both fan bases feel they could have played better in better conditions.  What is worse then leaving the SB feeling like your team was limited by weather or factors outside of their control?  That is about the worst thing I can think of - watching your team fight and claw to get to the SB, only to have to watch them modify what got them there due to weather.  Or worse struggle with execution and fundamentals due to poor conditions.

I know walking away from Miami with the trophy certainly removes a lot of salt from any wounds - but can any of you share how it felt to be involved in a game where, at least from my view, was pretty significantly affected by weather?  Did it take away from the aura or romance of the SB at all?   Was it disappointing, frustrating to have weather affect the colts, or to have weather take away from the level of your opponent?

In the biggest game of the year, I want to see the best two teams at their best, as much as possible.  No one can control injuries, upsets, bad games, or weather but the NFL should control what they can control to present the best opportunity for a great game.  They aren't doing that with this decision.

What's the thoughts on this here?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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