Mock Roster (With Commentary!)

TouchdownColts Wanted something Colts related rather than bickering about BBS. Hope this helps

QB: Peyton Manning, Curtis Painter

no explanation needed

HB: Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, Mike Hart, Brandon James

not much needs to be said about the first three, but the reason i added James is because the highlights showed me that not only does James have speed, but is very shifty and elusive. Explosion+elusiveness=punt/kick returner 

H-Back: Brody Eldridge, Tom Santi

Eldridge may finally be the answer the Colts were looking for in both a FB and TE role that they thought they had in Gijon Robinson. Im keeping Santi on the roster, despite the fact that he is injury prone, because of his upside and flashes he has shown when not injured or getting blasted by Ray Lewis 

TE: Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme

No real explanation here. My only hope is that Tamme is more involved. I like what i've seen from him during the preseason, but it will be hard for him to see the field all these other weapons the Colts have at their disposal 

WR: Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, Blair White

Despite the opinion some of you share that Gonzo will not be the number two receiver, I still believe he will. More importantly, the depth the Colts have at WR is insane. 

LT: Charlie Johnson, Tony Ugoh

For now, im keeping CJ as the starter, but I just have a feeling that Ugoh may finally wake up and take his spot back. Hope is a funny thing

LG: Jacques McClendon, Jamey Richard

Richard could surprise here (though it wouldnt really surprise me all that much as i felt he did a pretty decent job when asked to contribute his first two years). Ultimately though, I think McClendon has the smarts and tatent to pick up the system quickly enough to earn a starting job. Given the immense struggles the Colts have had running to the left, McClendon's bulk will be utilized to that side

C: Jeff Saturday, Mike Pollak

Saturday is a no brainer. Shifting Pollak back to his natural position at center could revitalize his career.

RG: Kyle DeVan, Andy Alleman 

This was a bit of a tricky one for me. I have no doubt both of these guys are going to make the team, the only problem is who is going to start? Im going to go with DeVan here for now, given that he is acclimated to the system. Alleman has moved around a lot and its because of that. his development may be hindered. 

RT: Jeff Linkenbach, Ryan Diem

IDiem is over the hill already IMO. He wasn't terrible, but he certainly isnt what he used to be. Too many false starts coupled with the QB pressure's he gives up makes me think its time for a change. Linkenbach has a lot of talent and upside. There were a lot of good things written about him in his scouting report as well. Fresh talent is needed here.

RE: Dwight Freeney, Jerry Hughes

Not much explanation needed. Freeney is awesome and Hughes finally provides some relief for the Tasmanian Devil.

DT: Daniel Muir, Mookie Johnson, Fili Moala, Eric Foster, Mitch King, Ricardo Mathews 

Im hesitant to put Fili in the starting lineup only because of the average amount of time it takes for a DT to fully develop. I do feel that Fili will have more of an impact this season, but for now, Ill stick to Muir and Johnson as the starters as they did a fine job last season. King and Mathews should provide for some excellent interior rushers during situation downs.

LE: Robert Mathis, John Chick

Not much to be said about Mathis. I added Chick here because I've liked what ive seen from his CFL highlights. Assuming he can translate his skills from the CFL to the NFL, pass rush will be the least of out concenrs. You can never have enough pass rushers. 

WILL: Clint Session, Vuna Tuihalamaka 

Clint Session is awesome. Tuithalamaka has some great physical skills and is pretty fast. His coverage skills are the reason im keeping him at WILL

MIKE: Gary Brackett, Pat Angerer

Given the comments i read over at BHGP and from some of our resident Hawkeye fans, Angerer isnt really suited to be a SAM. I think thats a load of crap given his physical style of play and his experience covering WR's since they never really took him out when teams went to multi-wide sets. The reason im keeping him as Brackett's back up is A) We have seen what the defense looks like when Brackett is gone, and we dont like it and B) Brackett is getting older and I dont see him playing out the entirety of his new deal. Angerer was drafted to be a successor and making him sit 2-3 years before he breaks the starting lineup is best for him.

SAM: Phillip Wheeler, Kavell Conner

Wheeler is a bit of an odd player. He wasn't terrible, but he wasn't lighting the world on fire either. I like him and i think he has really progressed throughout the season. What i dont like too much about him are his coverage skills. I think thats an area he needs to improve on if he wishes for a permanent job. Conner will need some time to develop before he can challenge for a starting job, so he will be regulated to special teams mostly.  

CB: Kelvin Hayden, Jerraud Powers, Jacob Lacey, Kevin Thomas (IR), Brandon King, Ray Fisher

The first three are no brainers (though some of you are on the boat that Lacey might get challenged for his nickel spot, which i dont really see happening); Assuming the worst case scenario occurs for Thomas and his season is indeed over, I believe we will carry Brandon King. The early report on him is that he had a terrific mini camp (although thats not saying much). I liked what i saw from his highlight reel and I think he will make a decent corner. Ray Fisher is a reserve and a return specialist.  

SS: Bob Sanders, Melvin Bullitt

Assuming the Zombie isnt injured, he takes his rightful place as starter over Bullitt. I think everyone on here loves Bullitt, but he simply isn't as dynamic as Bob is. Bob is faster, has better coverage skills and is a great in the box safety. Teams will fear  him more once Coyer finds a way to use him as a blitzer. Speaking of Coyer, Im sure he will find a way to get all three of our talented safeties on the field.

FS: Antoine Bethea, Mike Newton

Bethea needs no explanation, I selected Newton over Caldwell here because of the tape. Newton seems to be quicker and more rangier than Caldwell To be a FS, you need both of those qualities.

K: Adam Vinatieri

This one was hard for me. I was thinking about putting Swenson here, but his lack of leg strength was a bit of a concern. The only reason i put Vinny here is because of his proven experience and leg strength. His health will be the difference betweens staying or being cut.

P: Pat McAfee

I love this dude

LS: Justin Snow

Who? Oh, thats right, he is that guy. What does he do again?

PS: Javarris JamesDavid Caldwell, Jamie Thomas, Tim HillerThad TurnerJohn GillDudley Guice, Brett Swenson

Thomas is still a bit of a project. I liked what i saw from Guice int eh Draft Guys TV video, so thats why im keeping him on the PS. Swenson is here as insurance for Vinatieri 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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