The NFL Today

Much has changed in this great sport & league since it's birth way back when in the other century. Now it's about media, advertisements, tailgating, & $$$. It's sad to say, but the NFL has turned pro-football into nothing more than greed. Look as the Superbowl ads, the salaries of the players, & how much a pro-team, especially a football team bankrupts the cities they occupy. The players & teams no longer share a connection with the city (may bee New Orleans, but that's because of Katrina), the only concern of everyone involved is increasing TR (total revenue).

Corporations, agents, & unions have corrupted and bastardized the sport to the point where it's almost un-recognizable. QB's are important but not enough to give them $100mill. They wine about more money for what, so you can buy a Bugatti instead of an Aston Martin, so you can raise ticket prices yet again, so you can bankrupt a city more to fund you sorry asses. Below is a comparison of football today & in the '60s.

The players and leagues-NFL & AFL-were short on cash, unable to sign the draft picks, they had to merge. Players risked life and limb for a paycheck almost equal to a expletive shoveler. Some cities had ownership and stocks invested in the teams, the people knew the players and could talk to them. Players were gladiators, persevering through broken bones & all, just to keep their spot on the team. Players played with passion and for love of the game, tenacity and desire.

The NFL is an unofficial monopoly. Some draft picks get payed more than proven pro-bowlers & ring holders. If you have a wittle cramp or stub your itty bitty toe, you sit out for 2 weeks. Players make more than the president does in 1 term. The teams suck cities dry & relocate whenever and wherever they please. New stadiums, endorsement deals, corporation funded gear. Your lucky if you get their autograph. Now they use oxygen tanks, & if they get hurt, they're back on the field as soon as they recover. Rings and glory are etched out by paychecks and endorsements.

Now they wanna go on strike, they could write for Jay Leno with those joke. Why do you need more money? If a strike does happen, I will not watch NFL. It's ludicrous & outrageous to even suggest hat they need more money. Players aren't the same as they used to be.

Here are some enlightening examples for today's players. Johny Unitas played with a punctured lung, as a result from a broken rib & won an NFL Championship. Marshall Faulk jammed his finger or stubbed his toe or something & cost the Rams the Super Bowl. NFL linemen used to be beaten and battered so badly, that they would have to wait for 3 hours just to re-cooperate to put on their shirts & leave the locker room. Kellen Winslow is applauded for playing while fatigued. attitude was not accepted & if you didn't perform you lost your job. The Lombardi's & Parcel's of yesterday couldn't survive as coaches now days, they would be fired for benching players or hitting them. Just look how Jerry Jones cared more about $ than letting Parcels run the team & win a ring.

Yes, there were problems back then with treatment of retirees & paychecks, like the treatment of Unitas who is the model for the modern quarterback getting rejected and left to die by the NFL or barely enough money to make ends meat. Yet, the problem rests in going from one extreme to another. The is a universal flaw of humans, not finding a middle ground & it causes problems.

The only throwback to that era is Brett Favre, who is the Cal Ripken of the NFL. But, not all players are like that, but most of them are. The last time they had a reasonable call for strike was back in the 80s, after that they had reached their limit on pay.

The bottom line, is if this strike thing happens, it's a travesty to football as a whole & a disgrace to the league.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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