Quick Hitz: Notes from Preseason Game One



Some notes from an average fan:




[These are some notes that I took down after getting home from the game.  I know there will be some repeats of other observation posts, please forgive.]


Anyone notice that...


1. Jerry Hughes seemed to be on a 2 second delay after the ball was snapped before he reacted?

2.  Donald Brown didn't have a single hole to hit. Not for lack of trying,

3.  The O-Line finally made some running lanes but it wasn't until Devin Moore, and Javarris James got the call.

4.  The first string O-Line held a pocket for Peyton long enough to be effective, but didn't seem to help Addai.  

5.  Joe Addai didn't need any running lanes to score.

5  Taj Smith seemed to still believe it was Friday the 13th.

More after the break.....

6.  Fili Moala can actually rush the passer.

7.  Pat Angerer looks very comfortable in Larry Coyer's system.  Love the 2 sacks!

8.  Brody Eldridge may be the best number 2/ Blocking-End the colts have had in ten years.

9.  Tom Brandstater looked pretty scary after the hit he put on the defender after his interception. Maybe he replaces Silva.

10.  Kavell Conner looks like he could be a real steal in the seventh round.

11.  Marcus McCauley looked great as a gunner.

12.  Jamie Thomas didn't look bad, his feet seemed better than last year.

13.  John Chick has a great motor but no rudder. He was everywhere except around the ball.

14.  Blair White seemed like the only reliable receiver after the starters.

15.  Jacob Tamme seems solid.


Answers that I hope to know soon...


1.  What's wrong with Jacques McClendon?

2.  What does Donald Brown do with the first string offense when healthy. (Provided they can run block)?

3. Can the first string O-line run block?

4.  What's going on with Ray Fisher

5.  Can Brandon James be effective as a Receiver/ Scat back??

6.  What's wrong with Pierre Garcon?




1.  I'm getting really tired of defensive players playing Fullback. It hasn't worked since Dan Klecko.

2.  Booing colts in the Luke!  I don't care if Curtis Painter throws an Interception every down.  There is something wrong with booing a boy in blue and white.  My fan-dom doesn't change just because we're losing.  It's a privilege to be a colts fan and it's a blessing for so many to not remember how horribly putrid we were for so long.  I would like to challenge every fan to silence their boos and support the team when in the House that Peyton Built. Seriously People!

3.  Fans complaining about losing preseason games and late season throwaway games.  If you payed 400 dollars for sideline seats thinking that Peyton will play every snap, You're a fool.



Thanks for Reading.  Please comment if you liked my Post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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