Colts Players BBS Hopes Make the 2010 Roster or Practice Squad

TORONTO - AUGUST 19: Brian Brohm #4 of the Buffalo Bills is tackled by Ervin Baldwin #94 of the Indianapolis Colts during game action August 19 2010 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto Ontario Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

My roster prediction yesterday was another pathetic attempt to guess the roster in a realistic fashion, based on how the Colts have determined active roster in the past. Today, I'd like to list the players I'm rooting for. These are guys I'd like to see on either the active roster or the practice squad simply for sentimental reasons (aka, players I just like).

In many cases, these players have not necessarily shown enough in camp or preseason to justify a spot. But, because of their potential and their overall attitude towards football, I'd like to see them in horseshoe helmets in 2010. Here's the list:


Javarris James, RB

He's Baby J, Edgerrin James' little cousin. Naturally, I want him to stick around. He has shown flashes of toughness, determination, and rushing skills all throughout camp and preseason. Plus, it's just kind of cool to see yet another member of the James family make it to the NFL on a Colts roster. Baby J most certainly is not Edge. He doesn't have his talent. But, Javarris did not show up and simply let his family name carry him. He worked hard. He played tough. He showed he can take hits and fall forward.

Mitch King, DT

I think King makes the team. He's running with the second unit defense, getting good line penetration and actively making plays on the practice and preseason fields. The Colts are also using him as a fullback. He brings tremendous energy to the d-line, and offers more pass rushing skill than players like Eric Foster or Fili Moala. Plus, I just love his motor. 100% on each and every play. Hard not to root for a guy who brings it every down.


Blair White, WR

He's pretty much caught every pass thrown to him in camp and preseason. He's not fast. He's not elusive. However, he runs great routes, gets open, and catches the ball. While receivers like Taj Smith, Sam Giguere, and Brandon James have inconsistent hands, Blair White doesn't. Wide receivers who cannot catch are useless players, period. Speed, size, elusiveness, jumping ability are all useless if the guy cannot catch. Dropped passes are simply unacceptable, and the one reserve WR who hasn't dropped anything is White. I think he'll get signed to the team's practice squad. He adds size (6'2) and excellent hands. He's the anti-Roy Hall.


Ervin Baldwin, DE

Like Mitch King, he's another high motor guy who brings it on every down. I also just seem to like him, personally. His Tweet to Raheem Brock after Brock was signed by the Titans was kind of cool. I met Baldwin at the Super Bowl, and he seemed like a good kid. During camp and preseason, he has played much better than I thought he would. While veterans like Keyunta Dawson have not done squat, I've seen Baldwin making plays and flying around the football field. I don't see Dawson making the team, and I think Baldwin is fighting John Chick for one of the last DE spots on the active roster. Part of me is hoping he beats out Chick. Regardless, I think the Colts want him on the PS again. They seem to like his attitude, and I can see why.

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