Partying With Friends, Playing Fantasy Football

GREEN BAY WI - AUGUST 26: Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts throws a pass against the Green Bay Packers during a preseason game at Lambeau Field on August 26 2010 in Green Bay Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

When I wasn't pounding my fist into the table, cursing the stupidity of Brandon James while watching the Colts get blasted in their third preseason game, I was actually enjoying myself at he swanky Edison Ballroom in New York. The NFL, and, had a big fantasy football draft party there last night, and they were kind enough to invite me, Jason Brewer of Bleeding Green Nation, and John Butchko of Gang Green Nation.

Of course, they just HAD to have this thing on the night of a Colts preseason game, didn't they.

I went to a party similar to this in 2007, where I met me good friend Brian Mermelshtein of Since then, has always been a friend of Stampede Blue and SB Nation. I big reason we were able to cover the Super Bowl live from Miami this year was because of people like Brian. Same for our live coverage of the 2010 NFL Draft.

This year's party was a lot of fun. I stood in line for food with former Jets great Curtis Martin. Michael Strahan was also there. Michael looked good by the way. Looks thin, healthy, and could probably suit up if he wanted to.

Also present was NFL RedZone host Scott Hansen. He MCed the fantasy draft. The purpose of the party seemed to be the unveiling the NFL's new fantasy football game. You've seen the 'Goodbye Dots' commercials, I'm sure. The NFL is smartly getting into the FF game, and they are offering in-game highlights. Not to shabby.

While it is nice to see's new FFL set-up, I like going to these things just to see people and say hi to people like NFL PR genius Brian McCarthy and marketing mastermind Brian Fitzgerald. I joked with Jason Brewer that it seems everyone who works for NFL Media is named 'Brian.'

After the jump, more details on the party, including my run-in with someone from (gasp!) Kissing Suzy Kolber...

I had fun talking with Kissing Suzy Kolber's 'Monday Morning Punter.' He's from Cincy and we talked about everything from football to folks in southern Indiana or me and Mike Tunison smacking each other around back in February. Punter told me he got a kick out of that exchange. I won't share the rest of the conversation, but let's just say I feel better about the incident. Tunison now works for SB Nation, in case you didn't know.

No, he is not my boss and I do absolutely zero work with him. Probably best it stays that way.

Anyway, MMP was a cool guy and I enjoyed hanging out with him. Other people I got to chat with were Dan Shanoff (nice guy), the guys from, Gregg Rosenthal of PFT, and many others. Special thanks to the three Brians, in particular my friend Merm. Merm has been hitting the gym since 2007, when I called him '100 pounds soaking wet.' Now, I'd say he's a good 110 soaking wet, with the 10 being pure muscle (which is better than most of us).

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