Colts defensive tackle John Gill is very stupid; gets arrested UPDATE

One of the benefits of having training camp in the middle of no-where, like Terre Haute, was it forced the players to stay at the dorms on their days off. This prevented them from going out on their own and doing something dumb like, say, get arrested for public intoxication.

Unfortunately, despite the wonderful access Anderson, IN provides to fans who want to visit Colts training camp, the fact is the campus is only 45 minutes away from Indianapolis. This means 45 minutes away from Indianapolis bars, Indianapolis clubs, Indianapolis strip joints, and Indianapolis night life (yes, there is one). At a time when players should be 100% focused on getting better as a team, the last thing any of them should be thinking about is where to go on a Saturday night.

Enter, John Gill, or as I like to call him, He Who Is Most Certain To Get Cut Soon.

PFT provides the details:

We often find that NFL player arrests decline during training camp, as players simply don't have time to get into off-field trouble.

But the Colts had a day off today, and defensive tackle John Gill was arrested for public intoxication.

WTHR reports that Gill was found by police on the side of a road in Indianapolis, passed out, barefoot and unable to stand on his own.

This is a dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, and totally unnecessary distraction. Yes, Gill is a schmuck for getting drunk on his off night from camp. A better use of his time would have been to stay in Anderson, watch some game tape, and actually improve as a football player. Instead, he was found drunk and disheveled on the 3600 block on Lafayette Road in Indy, which is half a block from "The Gold Club of Indy" strip joint.

Nice one, John.

But, almost as stupid as Gill's choice to pound shots of Patrón Silver and then pass out in a ditch outside a strip club was the decision to grant players almost two full days off from training camp. Colts coach Jim Caldwell granted the players Saturday afternoon off prior to their standard Sunday rest day. Players used this time as a reason to get away from training camp, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the team together in an isolated area so they can get ready for the regular season.

In the future, Caldwell should re-think his rest policy. The players have had six months to rest. Now is the time to be working.

Tip to GoBigBlue88

[UPDATE]: Just saw this Tweet from Phil Wilson:

Charge dropped against Gill, police said.

Whatever. So he doesn't get charged with public intoxication. Looks like someone at the Colts has friends in the IPD, or maybe the cops just wanted to cut Gill a break. Doesn't change the fact he was still wasted at 4am on Saturday night during a period of time when players aren't supposed to be wasted at 4am on a Saturday night. They're supposed to be focused on winning football games for the 2010 season. If he wanted to relax, he should have gone with Philip Wheeler and had some lobster voodoo.

Gill is still done, and still an idiot. Thanks to Phil Wilson for the update.

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