Colts lose, Polian's an idiot, and other tidbits

Now that I'm somewhat rational, I can actually post a serious post about today's game. I'll take a look at all aspects of the game, from the good to brutally ugly, as there wasn't much else...

However, before I start, I'd like to give a quick shout out to BigBlueShoe. He's taken an assload of crap from a ton of people on this forum for his outright condemnation of Polian's decisions regarding the O-Line. A lot of posters on this forum have called him a variety of names, have blasted him for his style of posting, and today's game ultimately highlighted what he's been trying to say all along. The lack of talent on the O-line and almost non-existent lack of moves in the off-season have hurt this team.

Game Ball - Peyton Manning. What more can I say about this guy? He's the best in the game right now at the most critical position in the sport. 40-57 throwing, 3 TD's, 70% completion, over 100 rating for the day. What more can a man do when his offensive line couldn't stop a Girl Scout troop from hitting him?

Game Ball #2 - Melvin Bullitt. The guy subs in for Sanders just a few minutes into the game and gets a pick. He played well for most of the game, but I've given him a game ball simply because he continues to play like a real man.

When the offense could find rhythm, the offense actually played pretty well. Manning spent much of the day checking down, but that wasn't the receivers fault. Most of the errant throws by Manning were forced by the defensive pressure in the backfield, not by good coverage down field. The running game was decent, when they could actually get a lane to run the ball in...

Many of you will give Garcon a lot of flack today for his dropped balls. He deserves all of it. One thing I do want to however say is that on at least 2 of those drops, Manning put the ball in places that would have been a tough catch for anyone. That TD drop hit him in the fingers on one hand and bounced 180 degrees the other way. That's the only defense of Garcon I will give. The guy cannot continue dropping balls like this, or he's going to lose his starting job quickly.

Gonzo: You whine about your lack of starting at #2, and look how you show up today..... you don't. You can't even keep your feet in bounds. Oh, and you are injured again too.... trading block please..... we have Blair White who can take your slack.... I'm done with you...

Sanders: I'm going to go on a limb here and truly believe he was held out under the new rules implemented by the NFL regarding concussions. I don't buy the elbow injury because he wasn't hit or hitting for very long. More to the point, the one really serious play he was involved in was when he landed on his head. The NFL has mandated more enforcement on concussions and I feel this is why he was held out....

Special Teams: Devin Moore actually looked good, when he could find lanes to run in... was a little disappointed about that muffed return but he recovered it well, something the previous returners generally could not. The rest was pretty average for the day. 1 FG kick made, several decent punts, and only 1 really bad lapse in return coverage. Needs to be better but at least today it wasn't what doomed us.

Defense: You started out pretty decently, 2 sacks, 1 INT, and only giving up 2 FG's. Yet, the horrible play after that would have you running wind sprints all week if I was your coach. You had no heart for much of the game. It seemed to me like you expected to show up and be able to intimidate them. Perhaps that's because I'm a couch potato, but I know I'm not the only one who saw this. Yes, the offensive line's ineptness screwed you guys over, but there was a lot of piss poor tackling and absolute quitting on defense late in the game.

Coaching: The play calling of Christensen actually looked pretty decent. A lot has been made of the check downs by Manning, but the inability of the line to generate much in the blocking game was why that occurred. Caldwell's decision making was questionable in several instances, but today's game looked more like a preseason game than an actual season game.


All in all, this game was only made worse by the defense appearing to quit in the last quarter. Perhaps they knew it was over because the offense couldn't get it done. It doesn't matter. Show some heart..... maybe that's unfair....but it is what it is...

Kudos to the Texans for finally finishing a game against us. This was a huge game for them, a real vindication that they are taking a step forward. They came into this came treating it like this was their Super Bowl. That really makes it hard for a team with issues to overcome the emotional anger and intensity that the Texans showed. However, I wouldn't count the chickens before they hatch. Despite all the issues on defense, and the miscues by the Colts offense, this was still a game the Colts could have won.


Before I go, this is the last bit of my post. Bill Polian. You gave a ton of comments on the poor play of the offensive line during the SB loss. You continued to talk about how you wanted to get bigger players. You cut Ryan Lilja for a supposed failed medical test. You drafted zero offensive tackles, despite decent tackles being available. There may not have been great ones available, but at the very least there were decent ones. You signed several questionable, in some cases hurt, OL players. You finally cut one of your busts (Ugoh), who while not being the worst bust of your Colts career, certainly was one of them. All of this was done by you and look what the Colts have now. A lot of offensive line problems, that while may be correctable, are certainly hurting any chance of the Colts keeping #18 healthy all year.


While much has been made of the offensive line problems in today's game, let's not forget that both Johnson and Saturday are coming off injury/surgery inactivity, and that may have played a factor in their performance today. Not a cop out on their performance, merely pointing out that this could actually be fixed as they get back into the saddle in practicing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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