2010 Week Two: Inside the Colts Numbers

INDIANAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 19: Joesph Addai #29 of the Indianapolis Colts runs with the ball during the NFL game against the New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 19 2010 in Indianapolis Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Last week I dreaded writing the recap of the game against the Texans, as it was just painful to look at the defensive numbers.  This week, however, I was itching to see just how well the Colts played, on both sides of the ball, against the Giants.  If somebody asked you to describe the 2003-09 Colts, you could point to this game, and it would tell you everything you need to know.  Opening drive touchdown, force a couple 3 and outs, Peyton Manning throws the ball perfectly for a long TD, strip sack, 2 minute drill TD, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis just pin their ears back and make pretty good OTs look like college freshmen, and the secondary just plays the Tampa 2 defense while they nurse a big lead.  The stereotypical Colts game over the past 7 seasons, and it was great.

From Paul Kuharsky's recap on ESPN.com (emphasis mine):

The Colts' 23 first-half runs were the most before halftime since 1991. They haven't had a run-pass discrepancy as big as this (17 more runs) since 2006. The 160 rushing yards were their most since 2007. The Colts' 43 rush attempts were the most in a game since Manning joined the team in 1998.

Wait, did I read that right?  The most rushes in the Manning era?  Holy cow.  I wonder if the 3 kneel downs at the end pushed it over the top, since those are counted as rush attempts too.  Either way, it's nice to see a beatdown without Manning throwing the ball 40+ times.  Speaking of that, Manning has thrown at least 43 passes in a game 38 times.  Big discrepancy there, but very predictable.

Let's get to the numbers, where it was total domination on both sides of the ball:

Here are your Winning Stats for Week 2:

Statistic Offense Rank Defense Rank Off/Def Above Off/Def Below Record
DSR 80.0% 5 57.7% 7 Y N 5-3
ANPY/A 11.481 1 4.714 14 Y N 8-1
Turnovers 1 10 3 7 Y N 11-1
Yds/Drive 37.27 9 19.77 6 Y N 4-3
ToP/Drive 3:11.5 6 1:54.9 3 Y N 4-2
Yds/Play 5.857 10 4.849 11 Y N 3-3
First Downs/Drive 2.18 9 1.00 3 Y N 4-3
3rd/4th Down 36.4% 19 25.0% 7 N N 5-1
Avg Start Pos 29.5 12 22.8 6 N N 7-2
3 and Outs 3 10 7 2 Y N 4-2
RZ Eff 85.7% 6 0.0% 1 Y N 7-2
Plays/Drive 6.364 8 4.077 2 Y N 5-5
Penalty Yds / Play 0.786 18 0.472 28 N N 4-4
RB Success 46.5% 16 45.8% 16 N N 6-5
Yds/Carry 3.72 15 4.80 26 N Y 3-4
Net Punts Yds/Game 40.40 17 41.17 20 N N 4-3
Ranking - Week (32) 5 4 2
Ranking - Season (64) 8 7 2

Some thoughts:

  • Top 10 on offense in the top 7 categories, including tops in ANPY/A for the week at 11.5.  Much can be written how the Colts ground game tore up the Giants, but Peyton had the best QB week in the league.  Ho-hum.
  • On defense the Colts finished in the Top 7 in 10 of 12 best categories (!?!), including Time of Possession/Drive and Yds/Drive, two stats that the defense has rarely been good in.  That's how unbelievably good the defense played.
  • All 7 of the best categories had the Colts Above Average on offense, and Above Average on Defense.  Total Domination in everything important.
  • So far this season, this was the 2nd best game played, only behind the Falcons killing the Cardinals on Sunday.  Numbers wise, the offense in Week 1 was better than in Week 2, but that makes some sense.  Remember, the Colts didn't do much in the 4th Quarter Sunday.
  • Not to be a Debbie-Downer, but the 3rd/4th Down Conversion % is still low for the Colts, which is a little concerning.  This definitely needs to be fixed, as it is key to the Colts success.  They've been tops in the league for years now.

Season Totals through Week 2:

Statistic Offense Rank Best Defense Rank Best Record Win %
DSR 80.0% 1 Colts 72.4% 23 Ravens 8-4 0.667
ANPY/A 9.174 2 Bears 4.362 11 Titans 15-4 0.789
Turnovers 1.00 5 Redskins 2.00 11 Steelers 15-3 0.833
Yds/Drive 41.57 1 Colts 27.82 16 Titans 9-6 0.600
ToP/Drive 3:03.5 5 Broncos 2:32.1 13 Steelers 10-4 0.714
Yds/Play 6.281 3 Chargers 5.368 22 Titans 9-7 0.563
First Downs/Drive 2.33 4 Texans 1.64 19 Ravens 10-4 0.714
3rd/4th Down 37.5% 16 Patriots 41.7% 22 Ravens 12-3 0.800
Avg Start Pos 28.7 19 Bears 26.8 10 Saints 14-3 0.824
3 and Outs 2.00 4 Cowboys 4.50 8 Titans 7-3 0.700
RZ Eff 83.7% 5 Bills 81.0% 26 Dolphins 14-3 0.824
Plays/Drive 6.619 4 Broncos 5.182 11 Ravens 10-7 0.588
Penalty Yds / Play 0.921 20 Dolphins 0.658 24 Ravens 10-7 0.588
RB Success 47.2% 12 Cowboys 63.6% 31 Panthers 9-8 0.529
Yds/Carry 3.85 17 Cardinals 5.63 31 Bears 7-8 0.467
Net Punts Yds/Game 34.10 27 Raiders 40.63 22 Jaguars 6-8 0.429
Overall 2 Texans 17 Steelers

Couple things here:

  • The Colts are in the Top 5 in 10 different categories offensively, including all of the most important 7.  Need to keep up the pace.
  • Week 1 left the defense in with the dregs of the league defensively, but the Giants game certainly helped bring it up a lot, especially at the top of the table.  One bad game + one great game = Average Defense.  You can see that in the Overall number.
  • So far this season, Turnovers are the most important stat, followed by Avg. Start Position and Red Zone Efficiency.  Unsurprisingly, Yards/Carry is under .500
  • I'm going to wait another couple of weeks to post full rankings, but right now the Colts are #4, behind the Falcons, Chargers, and Packers.  Not too bad, especially considering how bad the Colts defense played against the Texans.
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