Peter King Reminds Us Just How Annoying Gus Johnson Is As An Announcer

TAMPA FL - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Charlie Batch #16 of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks for an open receiver against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game at Raymond James Stadium on September 26 2010 in Tampa Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Gus Johnson (along with Joe Buck) is an incredibly annoying TV announcer.

While Buck exudes a 'douchebag' quality about him, with his smirky tone and 'I'm so much smarter than you it's stupid' way he talks about football, Gus Johnson is just plain annoying; toddler vomiting in your face annoying.

One of the key tenants to any TV broadcaster is that he, at the very least, fake his partiality towards a team or player. 'Homer' broadcasters will turn off hardcore fans faster than a BP commercial stressing how hard they've worked to clean up the biggest environmental disaster in American history (a commercial many of us saw while watching CBS' games on Sunday).

Gus Johnson defines the homer announcer, and it grates on the nerves like Robert Shaw's nails down a chalkboard.

Thankfully, it seems I'm not alone in finding Johnson's broadcasting idiocy irritating. Peter King made note of it in his Monday Morning QB article.

g. Gus Johnson I at Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay, after a Steeler touchdown: "LISTEN TO THIS PLACE! IT SOUNDS LIKE WE'RE IN DOWNTOWN PITTSBURGH!!


Yes, Gus. The definition of broadcaster objectivity is comparing Charlie Batch to John Unitas. And, for added effect, SCREAM IT INTO THE MICROPHONE SO THAT THEY KNOW YOU ARE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you personally like Gus Johnson, no biggie. I've just long thought he sucked as a broadcaster, and over the years his 'exciting' style has gotten worse and worse. The broadcaster doesn't make a game exciting. The game itself is exciting enough, thank you very much.

I know some people who like Joe Buck as well. There's a reason he is on FOX's 'A Team' for broadcasting. Doesn't make sense to me, but (then again) neither does Matt Millen as a 'football analyst' for ESPN.

Because it seems to us that Peter is making fun of Gus Johnson's amateur broadcasting style, we forgive him for ranking Michael Vick ahead of Peyton Manning in the 2010 MVP race.

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