Q's and A's? The depth chart and 53 man roster.

  Every September Colts nation are glued to the waiver wire.  Like clockwork, Bill Polian and company throw us a curveball.  This year doesn't appear to be any different.  There are many questions stemming from the final roster cuts and the subsequent depth chart.  Last night, BBS posted the Phil Wilson confirmed 53 man roster, also included in the post was a depth chart.  This depth chart was last updated 9-410 at 9:44 p.m.  The 53 man roster is full of big names; Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne, Bob Sanders etc.   But the roster isn't without questions.  The proposed depth chart is also strong, we have the best QB in the game, the best group of wide recievers in the game, two of the best defensive ends in the league and the strongest group of safeties in the NFL.  I am not Bill Polian, let's make no delusions otherwise.  But, I have, at least in my own mind some legit questions.  After the jump I will list the question then give my reasons for concern.  Blue Stampede, be gentle, I have only posted a handfull of fan posts. lol

 1) Tony Ugoh is listed as a back up LT and not even mentioned as a Guard.

 From all the offseason rumblings, Ugoh was gonna be switched to LG and if he wasn't able to assimilate, he would be shown the door.  The injury of Charlie Johnson forced the switch back to LT, but, now that Charlie is back in practice, Ugoh is still listed as a Tackle.  Is this a typo?  is Ugoh destined to be a back up again? or is he in the mix at LG?

2) Gijon Robinson is listed as Dallas Clarks back up and the starter at Fullback/H-Back.

 From all indications, Robinson might not finish the season with the Colts.  I thought the coaching staff was high on not just Jacob Tamme but Brody Eldridge as well.  Brody, who was drafted for his blocking prowess, isn't even listed as a Full/ H-Back. Jacob Tamme is Mr. Versitility, not only is he a 3rd string TE, but, 2nd string at 4 other positions.  Among them, Long Snapper, Holder, H-Back/Fullback and Punt Center.   Gijon has never excited me, he actually scares the hell out of me everytime Peyton throws him the ball.  Im saying, Brody can more then fill his duties as a blocker and Tamme can more then fill his duties as a reciever. 

 3) Jerry Hughes is listed as 5th string LDE and not even mentioned as a RDE.

 I understand Hughes hasn't taken an official NFL snap yet but, we invested a 1st round pick on Hughes.  The offseason talk revolved around Jerry's versitilty.  The fact that he could back up both Mathis and Freeney.  This depth chart is either incomplete of Hughes is a major dissapointment.  Again, I spit out the mantra, I thought the coaching staff was high on Jerry Hughes?

4) Pat Angerer is the 3rd string MLB.

 The play of Pat Angerer this preseason has be inspired and intense.  The guy has been involved in it would seem like every play, when he is in the game.  This kid flies all over the field with wreckless abandon.  He reminds me of Bob Sanders at LB.  I'm not trying to say he will ever be BS, just his intensity and nose for the ball are similar.  Also, Pat isn't even listed as a back up at any of the other LB positions.  Bill Polian spoke on draft day of Pat's versitilty, and how he believes Angerer could compete with Wheeler for a starting spot at WIL.

5) We have 6 DB's and only 3 Safeties on the 53. 

 I understand the DB's, but, Bob Sanders is injury prone.  At the very least, if we are only gonna carry 3 S then we need to have a guy on the Practice Squad.  6 DB's may not be enough, if we have the injuries we have had in the past.  I wasn't too thrilled before the season, but, now, I feel confident with our DB and the depth.  Deshea Townsend was a good pick up.

6) Will this be the last year we see Justin Snow?

 If you look close enough, it appears Jacob Tamme is gonna become the new Justin Snow.  I know BP loves versitility, but, Snow is pigeon holed as a long snapper, punt snapper and special teams player.  Tamme adds the ability to play TE, H-Back and Fullback as well as everything Snow does.  I have a feeling, that this same time next year, we will see Jacob Tamme as the new Justin Snow.

 Your thoughts are welcome.  Like I said before, be gentle.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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