2011 Colts Analysis

Colts, Peyton Manning Now On The Clock, Harmony Unlikely


The countdown begins now... Sometime between now and March 8th, we'll learn the fate of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, quarterback to every play in the NFL. That's the date that Peyton...

In 2012, Who Could Be Indy's Next Head Coach?


‘Black Monday’ turned the NFL world upside down, once again. Offices were vacated, old faces that had grown to be so familiar, solemnly waved goodbye and teams will take on a completely new face as...

Colts Front Office Changes Come At Right Time For The Franchise


Colts Owner Jim Irsay fired both Vice Chairman Bill Polian and General Manager Chris Polian Monday, which came at just the right time for the Colts, who look like they will overhaul their roster...

Suck For Luck Complete: The Colts, Andrew Luck, And How The 2012 Draft Could Shake Out


Lots of scenarios could make draft positioning and trades very interesting in 2012.

Poll: Are You Happy The Colts Lost To The Jaguars And Secured The No. 1 Pick In 2012?


Simple question: Are you happy the Colts lost today and secured the No. 1 overall pick? I tweeted earlier that it feels as if the Colts won a playoff game. Is that wrong? Personally, I don't think...

Colts Players I'd Like To See Do Well Today


The Colts play their final game of the 2011 regular season today. These are some players we'd like to see play well.

The Draft and This Weekend


As we all know, this week's game in Jacksonville will determine which team is on the clock and has "won" the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Colts lose and the first pick is ours, Colts win and it...

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks; The Colts Front Office


Man was I excited watching that game on Thursday night. It was exhilarating to see a team fight and claw and want to win so much. It was a great Christmas present to feel like these were the C...

Is One Win Really Enough To Save Jim Caldwell?


Finally, the Colts provided enough to get a win and likely ended a division rival's playoff hopes to boot. The bad? Jim Caldwell has also suddenly been granted a new life, if we're to believe the...

Who Could Replace Bill And Chris Polian? We Have A List


We list the names of some top NFL executives who could totally do a better job at running the Colts over Bill Polian and his idiot kids.


Grantland: Colts Have Sucked At Drafting Since 2007


Grantland writer Bill Barnwell reminds everyone that the Colts have sucked at drafting players in recent years.

Polians Or Manning: Take Your Pick


Poll: The Polians (plural) or Peyton Manning... take your pick.

Colts Week 14 Eric Foster Keep Choppin Player Of The Game


Colts Week 14 Eric Foster Keep Choppin Player of the Game

I Think This Colts Season Is Killing Me


Losing stinks. It also makes you question why you continue to care about sports in general.

With The Pacers Making Moves Can The Colts Keep The Attention Of The Fans?


With the Pacers making moves can the Colts keep the attention of the fans?

ESPN.com Columnist Eviscerates Colts Front Office For Horrible Season


ESPN rips the Colts front office, blames them for horror show that has been the 2011 regular season.

Ten Years Later, Jim Mora's PLAYOFFS Rant Is Still Full Of Awesome


Jim Mora Sr.'s 'PLAYOFFS' rant is YouTube gold.

Once Again We State That Peyton Manning Will Not Be On The Colts Roster Next Season


The Colts and Peyton Manning have begun divorce proceedings.

The Colts Are Just Getting Suffocated By Injuries


The injuries the Colts are sustaining are freakishly frequent. Something is wrong. Very wrong.

Colts Front Office And Coaches Holding Back The Players


Colts Front Office and Coaches Holding back the Players

Colts Chances At 0-16 Quickly Approaching Coin Flip Status


Colts Chances At 0-16 Quickly Approaching Coin Flip Status

Some Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts On Andrew Luck, Colts


Andrew Luck is the best QB prospect potentially entering the 2012 NFL Draft.

College Football Today For Depressed Indianapolis Colts Fans


Today, there's a big slate of college football games on tap, and you can bet teams like the Colts have scouts all over the country watching these contests.

Indianapolis Star Columnist Jumps On The 'Fire Polian' Bandwagon


Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz jumps on the 'Fire Polian!' bandwagon.

Colts Sticking With Painter, In Full 'Suck 4 Luck' Mode


Colts opt to keep Curtis Painter as the starting QB.

Andrew Brandt Compares Andrew Luck To Aaron Rodgers, Calls Peyton Manning The Colts 'Past'


Former Packers personnel exec Andrew Brandt loves him some Andrew Luck; compares him to Aaron Rodgers.

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