Free Angency Proposals !!!!!!

Hey Colts Fans

 Being out of the Post Season so early blows !!!

 So i took some time to find some interesting stuff out about potential free agents the colts could make a play for

tell me what you think !!!

DeAngelo Williams RB

Current Team: Carolina Panthers

2010 Stats: 87 carries, 361 yards, 1 TD

Value: He may have missed 10 games this year, but Williams is the best back on the 2011 free-agent market. Just two years ago, he had an incredible season: 1,515 yards, 18 touchdowns. There's no reason he cannot repeat that type of year in the right offense. It just won't happen in Carolina with rebuilding in progress and Jonathan Stewart to steal away carries. 

Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have to make a move at running back and drafting one late in the first round (for the third time in six years) probably doesn't make sense. And what back wouldn't want to play with Peyton Manning?

My Opinion: It would be cool to have a real threat in the back field as much as i love jo jo. having a quality back for the last few years that he have no 18 sounds like our best chance for a few rings and confirm no 18 as the G.O.A.T


Dawan Landry S

Current Team: Baltimore Ravens

2010 Stats: 111 tackles, 4 pass  breakups, 1 INT

Value: Beside Ed Reed, Landry doesn't have that many opportunities to pick off passes: Reed probably beats him to the ball. But Landry is a sure tackler and a vital part of that outstanding Baltimore defense.

He plays the run as well as anyone on that unit and can contribute covering slot receivers. 

Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts. In a division that features Chris Johnson, Arian Foster and Maurice Jones-Drew, a great run-stopping safety would be of immense value. And if Bob Sanders is not able to return, Landry is a perfect replacement.

My Opinion: Great tackling safety has a very similar style to The hitman. With all the injury concerns surrounding Bob and the thought of going another season with Fransissco playing to be honest scares me. I think this could be a good move and would save another draft pick to be used on suring up the O-Line.


Joseph Addai RB

Current Team: Indianapolis Colts

2010 Stats: 116 catches, 495 yards, 4 TD

Value: Despite a Super Bowl ring and a good start to the 2010 season, Addai can't be too hot of a commodity on this year's free-agent market. He's struggled with injuries the past few seasons, hasn't come close to a 1,000-yard season since 2007, and is averaging under four yards per carry the past three years. 

Having said that, at age 27, he'll have suitors that think he's ripe for a career rebirth in a different offense. 

Best Fit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If Cadillac Williams bolts town, Addai should be a nice replacement and a great tutor to LeGarrette Blount.

My Opinion: I love Jo Jo and love his ability to pick up blitzers but if he wants to much money i can see Pollian thinking about ugrading to DeAngelo or giving Brown the no 1 spot. Im also intresetd to see wether Rhodes will be asked to stick round ?? I personally hope so !!!


Mathis Kiwanuka DE

Current Team: New York Giants

2010 Stats: 11 tackles, 4 sacks (missed 13 games)

Value: If Kiwanuka is healthy in 2011, there might not be a better defensive lineman on the open market. In only three games last year, he recorded a sack each week. 

But with a serious neck injury costing him the remainder of the season, teams might be leery about throwing millions at him. 

Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts. Kiwanuka is from Indianapolis, but the role he could play with the Colts would be an even better reason to sign from one Manning-led team to another. A rotation with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis would keep each of them fresh and could let the defensive line flourish the way the Giants line did in 2007.

My Opinion: this gives me a quater chub the moment i start thinking of Freeney Mathis and Kiwi in a rotation... The giants have a lot of big names going into free angency Jacobs, Bradsaw and Smith they will have there hands full trying to keep all 4. and with Kiwi missing 13 games they might let him go ! and with the development of Moala and  Matthews and the way Mookie started playing towrads the end im starting to like our DT ability to make plays finally instead of leaving all the work to dwight and Mathis and hopefully Kiwi lol


Adam Vinatieri K

Current Team: Indianapolis Colts

2010 Stats: 26-of-28 on field goals, 51-of-51 on extra points

Value: Sure he is 38 years old. But there is still plenty of value to the future Hall of Famer. Not only did he have his second-most accurate season in 15 years, but he continued to make plenty of big-time kicks, like the one at the end of the loss to the Jets.

Vinatieri signed as a free agent with the Colts in 2006—they promptly won the Super Bowl. Another team will try and cash in on that model. 

Best Fit: New Orleans. Garrett Hartley had his problems this year and in the Superdome (like Morten Anderson and Gary Andersen did) Vinatieri can prolong his career a bit by avoiding the outdoor elements. 

My Opinion: He wont and better not leave !!!!

  What do you guys Reckon ??????


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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