My Dream Draft prior to Senior Bowl and Combine

I know it's way too early to try and guess who the Colts will draft and of course with Bill Polian you can almost never get all the picks right.  But, I thought I would post who I think would look great in a Colts uniform and fits the needs we have for this team.  Also, because we never make a splash in FA and will probably not resign very many of our own FA I am going to draft for the team needs based on this.

Round 1 - I believe we are going to trade down a few spots in the draft to the low 20's (gaining a extra 3rd & 5th).  I just get the sense that several of the OT's are very similar and there's not one that just is overwhelmingly better then the others.  While the Colts may still go with whichever OT is available, I think they will go RB and select Mikel LeShourse from Illinois.  Mikel is explosive through the line and a great in the passing game.  While he could work on pass blocking, he would be a perfect fit and would help our running game take that next step.  Let's face it Polian is blaming the running backs this offseason and there's a good change Addai may not be resigned.  This allows less pressure on Brown and we can use James and a change of pace and goalline back.

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Round 2 - Robert Sands - FS from West Virginia.  If you guys have not seen tape on this guy he is flat out a player.  He is a team leader, big hitter, and is good in coverage.  This guy could start day one just like Bethea and possibly resign Bullitt for competition.

Round 3 - Lee Ziemba - OT from Auburn.  If you watch the SEC championship and the bowl game I thought Ziemba played pretty well.  I thought he did well in pass protection even with Newton who moves all around and seemed to get some push in the running game and get to the second level.  I don't believe he could start from day one but he has the size (6'5", 320) to develop into a quality LT.

Round 3 (from the trade) - Jurrell Casey - DT from USC.  Besides Stephen Paea and Drake Nevis, I believe the next best DT that fits what we try to do (penetrate the line and hold up against the run) better then Casey.  At just under 6'1" and 300 lbs, I think teams will shy away from him because of his size but I think the Colts should grab him.  He would be a great rotation guy and fill the void that Eric Foster has for a few years.

Round 4 - John Moffit - OG from Wisconsin.  I really wanted to draft a center in the first three rounds but I don't believe once you get past Pouncey and Wisniewski there are that many great ones.  Moffit is a much better run blocker but holds up in pass protection.  Played next to Carimi and was dominant at times on that side of the line running the ball.  I know Polian really like McClendon as next years LG but Moffit could provide competition and possibly slide over to the right side.

Round 5 - Austin Pettis - WR from Boise St..  I know one other person mentioned they thought Pettis would go in Round 2, but I think he is going to run a slower 40 time at the combine then people think.  I think this will put him around where Collie was drafted because they are very similar players in that they catch everything thrown at them but lack that explosion after the catch to run away from defenders.  Plus, with the uncertainity of Collie and Wayne a free agent after next year it's good to get someone now to groom for one of those spots.

Round 5 (from the trade) - Marcus Gilbert - OT from Florida.  Polian loves to back up his early picks with a late pick just in case they don't pan out.  Gilbert (6'6", 315) had a very up and down year for Florida.  I think his future will be at RT and could be a back up to Diem and develop under him for a year.  While I know there's a lot of talk about Linkenbach challenging at RT, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut Diem and then drafted someone like Gilbert to challenge Linkenbach in camp.

Round 6 - I think will go to the Justin Tryon trade.

Round 7 - Brian Rolle - OLB from Ohio State.  Rolle is short at (5'10", 222) but does a great job in coverage and will be a great special team player.  He's someone that will probably become a practice squad player and may be switch positions to safety.

I know I didn't get a center or a return specialist, but we could possibly get a undrafted FA that could fit one of those roles.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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