What I've Noticed About Polian's Recent Drafting

Everybody has been very critical of Bill Polian's drafting recently.

Everybody around here is complaining Jerry Hughes is a bust, Donald Brown is a bust yatta yattaa.

Well they aren't necessarily busts, they just haven't been extremely productive as us fans would like to see.

I have noticed though people are complaining about Polian's terrible drafting recently.

Quite honestly his drafting hasn't been terrible at all.

His last couple of first rounders haven't been the best, but just look at the talent he has found throughout the later rounds of the draft.


2007 - Despite having the 32nd pick we managed to pick up two pretty good players I think. We got a nice receiver when healthy in Anthony Gonzalez, and we got Clint Session. Nobody is too big a fan of Gonzalez around here, but I'm telling you when he's healthy he is a productive wideout.


2008 -  We didn't even have a first round pick this year (dumb move by Polian..yeah I get it), but we found some nice talent. In the 4th round we managed to snag Jacob Tamme and we can all agree that he is a very good talent. Also in the 6th round Polian found Mike Hart and Pierre Garcon. Those guys aren't bad at all for being drafted out of the 6th round.


2009 - I actually thought this was a very good draft year for Polian. Let me just list all of the players he found throughout this draft. 1st was Donald Brown. I think in my heart he will be a solid player eventually. 2nd was Fili Moala. Everybody thought this guy was a bust, but he was playing some damn good football this year. 3rd pick was Jerraud Powers. He's probably our number 1 corner, and personally he is one of my favorite players. Powers was a great find for a 3rd round pick. 4th round we found Austin Collie. You all saw our offense when he was playing this year...enough said. Again if he could stay on the field this is a very good find once again by Bill Polian. Last but not least for the draft in round 7 was Pat McAfee. People have been critical of this guy this year, but he's not a bad punter at all. That is five pretty damn good football players in one draft and I don't see why he gets blamed for a "bad draft"


2010 - With our first rounder this year we drafted Jerry Hughes. DE is a difficult transition to make in the NFL, and I'm not making excuses for Jerry (because his rookie year was terrible), but what did we really expect from him? He was playing behind the best defensive end duo in the league. We expected more yes, and I strongly believe that eventually it will come. Pat Angerer in the 2nd round. A lot of people thought this guy was a reach, and maybe he was, but he played some good football for us this year especially as a rookie. Angerer was a great pick for us. There is still the mystery man Kevin Thomas in the 3rd round, and if he turns out like a Powers type of player then we've got ourselves another good pick.  We drafted Brody Eldridge in the 5th round. A very very good blocking tight end. This was again a nice pick for us considering we can't runt he ball for anything. The best blocking tight end in the draft that year was given to Indianapolis. Finally with a 7th round pick does anybody agree that Kavell Conner was an amazing pick. We found a tough, smart, physical linebacker in the 7th round and he played great for us as a rookie filling in.

I'm not saying Polian is perfect because let's be honest really he isn't. I just want people to understand that he isn't doing a terrible job. His picks aren't flashy, and maybe they aren't the highest rated players, but overall Bill finds players that fit our system and work well with the football we play. It's safe to say some of his picks we'd like to have back, but clearly this guy is doing a better job then people are giving credit for.

If some of these players could stay healthy I don't think Polian would be getting half of the blame he's getting now.

Overall, it hasn't been a bad couple years, just not his best.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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