Off-Season Plans, Free Agency

So this was my first fanpost on SB Nation so if I do something wrong or if theres something I should improve on, I welcome constructive criticism.

Free Agency:


-Peyton Manning, The heart and soul of this offence. He has atleast 3 good years left in him, and with many key players coming back from injuries next season, the Colts will need a quarterback to lead the way into the post season. Offer 7 year contract that goes down alittle per year until hes ready to retire.

-Adam Vinatieri, One of the best clutch kickers of all time. Is on the decline due to age and therefore losing some leg power but still has the accuracy to make most 50 yards- field goals. Offer 5 year contract.

-Charlie Johnson, Although not a spectacular left tackle, from what I remember, he was a great guard. Assuming that the Colts will draft a Left Tackle in the First round, Johnson will be able to play in his natural position and replace DeVan as the left guard. Also very versatile and can play any position on the line. Offer 4 year contract

-Joseph Addai, Hes on the brink of a decline, although once having great potential, a horrible colts line has weakened it immensly. Although the Colts have great running backs, Joe Addai / Dominic Rhodes / Donald Brown / Mike Hart / Javarris James, I believe Jospeph Addai is the most consistent of all them. He pass protects, catches and makes plays as consistently as the best of them. Offer 3 year contract.

-Antonio Johnson, the Colts run defense immediately improved after Mookie was re-inserted into the lineup. He is a decent player, but I dont think he will be a long-term option. (Honestly, if you were benched over Daniel Muir, something is wrong here) Offer 2 year contract.

-Clint Session, He is one of the hardest hitting linebackers in the NFL, and is a great, solid player. However with the emergence of Kevell Conner and Pat Angerer and Polian's track record of not keeping linebackers, he may be expendable. I however dont trust Conner and Angerer yet, and want to give them another season or two to develop. Offer 3 year contract.

-Melvin Bullit, with all the injuries the Colts had to deal with this season, it shows how important it is to have depth, especially in a team with Glass Sanders. Offer 4 year contract.

-Mike Pollak, Many might disagree on me when I say this but hear me out. Ever since he was benched in favor for Linkenbach, and then re-inserted into the starting lineup, he has played his heart out. The running game has been slowly improving since he has comeback, and I'm willing to give him one last shot playing Right Guard. Offer 2 year contract.

-Kyle DeVan, I personally think he is a decent player, but with Charlie Johnson most likely being converted into Left Guard and Mike Pollak finding some motivation playing Right Guard, DeVan has no place to start. Offer 1 year contract just for depth.

-Eric Foster, He is far below league average for a Defensive Tackle, but still provides a good pass rush and depth for the Defensive Tackle position and is still in a good position to develope. Offer 2 year contract.

-Ken Hamlin, Im not sure what hes capable of, but apparently he made a pro bowl under the cowboys? (dont quote me on that, i know he made a pro bowl somewhere though). Its always good to have a pro bowl safety for depth. Offer 2 year contract.

-Jamie Silva, Sign him to bolster safety depth and special teams. Offer 2 year contract.


-Al Afalava, I dont have anything against him, and I do think he is a decent special teams player with a cool last name, but the Colts simply don't need him. They will have Sanders and Bullit coming back with Hamlin and I believe thats all the depth needed until decided so.

-Keyunta Dawson, I have no idea why this guy is still on the roster. According to Polian, hes very "versatile" and can play special teams, but I swear this guy cant even push a ball downhill. He needs to go.

-Aaron Fransisco, Im sorry to have admitted this, but I actually clapped after you got your hamstring injury. Not sure what happened, but I'm guessing you closed your eyes and dove to try to catch the Injury bug before the season ended. Get out. 

-Mike Hart, As much as it pains me to say this, I dont think he should be resigned. Hes a great player who plays with Hart (pun intended) game in and game out, but we have enough runningbacks, and the injuries are too much. I wish him nothing but luck.

-Daniel Muir, He has seriously regressed this season, and the Colts running defense greatly improved when he was out with a Chest injury. Although not as horrible as Keyunta, I dont think hes worth keeping right now.

-Tom Santi, He had a breakout game in Baltimore last year, but Tamme's breakout this year far surpasses it. Santi is also a natural blocker, but Elridge is a beast at that so I dont see a need to keep him around unless its to bolster special teams. Good luck Tom. 

 Free Agency:

-Jared Gaither, Take a Right Tackle to start over Diem. I've had it with all the false starts. This will also give the opportunity to use draft picks to address other issues such as special teams (this jets game really showed the need for it). Jared Gaither is a decent pass protector, and a good run blocker. Diem was atrocious at pass blocking this year, and average at run blocking, so Gaither will be a noticeable upgrade.

*I chose Gaither over

Tyson Clabo, because of the largeness of his contract. (Manning's deal is this year!!) 

Doug Free, because I dont want to replace one false start machine with another. Hes had 7 this year. 

Matt Light, because of age, and hes done a horrible job this year pass blocking.

Jermon Bushrod, same reason as Doug Free except hes had 6 this year.

Other than that, I dont see the Colts dipping into Free Agency. Polian usually rebuilds through the draft and due to Manning's large contract coming up, I dont see them taking any big name players. Also Blair White has done admirably as a punt returner, as well as Rhodes doing well as a kick returner, so I dont think we should address the returners. The problem in special teams is the blockers! Not the returners. However I do see them taking a few players to bolster up special teams.

If anyone could give a few suggestions or point out a few mistakes that I wrote, then it would be much appreciated.

Go Colts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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