Week 5 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

ORCHARD PARK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Raise your hand if you thought I would be a top 5 fantasy producer this year. Put your hands down you liars! (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Welcome to your Fantasy/Picks Update for Week 5.  This week Straight Up had some interesting things occur.  We had 4 games where more than 90% of readers got the game correct (Chargers, Patriots, Packers and Lions) and we had 1 game where no one got the game correct (Seahawks).  Just goes to show that you think you know a team and then BOOM, they lose to the Seahawks.  Winner this week was G-String with 11 out of 13 correct (only missed Seahawks and Raiders).  Overall, Lord Help Our Colts is still in the lead with a 56-21 record.  

Against the Spread was a tougher road to hoe this week as readers only got 53% of the games correct overall.   89% of readers were saved when Nick Novak booted a 34 yard FG to put San Diego up by 5 instead of 2 with 34 seconds left in the game.  Until then Tim Tebow looked like he was gonna make the betting world pay for going against him.  Overall, emiller17 and Lord Help Our Colts are tied for 1st with 44-28 records.  

Fantasy Results after the jump.  Remember, you can check out any of the Stampede Blue fantasy leagues at http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/stampedeblueleagueX where X is a number between 1 and 13.

To start this weeks wrap up, I think I'll give a shout out to the remaining undefeated teams.  9 teams have made it through week 5 without a loss (league number in parentheses).  They are Manning the Fort (2), Knockonwood (3), the Gob Bluths (4), Peyday (7), Statistical Anomaly (10), UrGfLuvsMikeDitka (11), Albert Bentley (11), Watch Painter Dry (12) and Purple Swirlies (12).  The overall points leader is among these 9 undefeated teams.  Purple Swirlies is the only team over 800 points after just 5 weeks (805.4).

The high score this week goes to Win with Vince Young from league 2 with 179.4.  I also need to give a special mention on the biggest blowout of the week.  In a league 1 matchup between 2-2 teams, BBS took on Fully Krausened.  Fully must have had some pent up vitrol toward BBS because the final was 156.25 to 82.95.  BBS lost by 73.3 points.  Almost double his total for the week.  Sorry bout ya, Brad!

The closest game of this week came from league 8 where APP and Coltsblue18 played to within 0.4 points of each other.  APP came out on top thanks to Jahvid Best going crazy and Johnny Knox (one of Coltsblue18's starters) struggling on Monday night.

And the winner for most points scored against them (worst luck) is Painter's_First_Fan from league 4.  A switch in defensive strategy is needed to shore up a defense that has given up 758.25 points in five weeks.  Special consolation goes out to two teams in particular.  AsianSensation in league 10 and PLAYOFFS?!?! in league 12 have both scored more than 700 points and both had had more than 740 scored against them.  Just for contrast, the average 5-0 team has had 561.89 points scored against them with 2 having less than 500 points allowed. 3 of the 5-0 teams have put up less than 700 total points.  It's all about timing isn't it folks.

What big choices do you have to make this week?  Gameday decisions because of bye weeks?  With Tennessee and San Diego on bye who are you starting instead of Chris Johnson and Phillip Rivers?  

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