Why The Colts Shouldn't Draft Luck

   I know with all the uncertainty surrounding Peyton Manning, and his ability to return next season coupled with the Colts amazing record right now that there is certainly merited conversation as to whether or not the Colts should draft Andrew Luck with the first pick. I say no, and I will explain why. However none of what I'm about to say applies unless the Colts do have the number 1 pick.

             Now before we start I'm not basing this off whether or not Peyton comes back this year, I'm saying this regardless of what happens with Peyton, the Colts shouldn't draft Andrew Luck. And I beg of you that you actually read what I have to say before you elect to call me stupid or completely disregard me. I don't say this blindly, and I recognize that Andrew Luck is the most complete prospect since Peyton Manning.

  So off of that note we begin. If the Colts draft Andrew Luck, like we did when we drafted Manning back in 1998, then the Colts go back to having the same problem. There is an elite signal caller elevating an average team. Now don't take that to mean that the Colts don't have any great or elite talent on the team because we do. But what that does mean is that their is only some great and/or elite talent on the Colts roster. And a team that only has some great/elite talent goes from being a playoff contender to being a team that fights hard only to lose the first 6 games of the season (not all the players fault though): after they lose that elite signal caller.  This team needs more talent, it needs more young talent. There are building blocks in this team to become more than average without Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck.  We could have an excellent team with more good draft picks, and we can have a great team if we were to trade down this year. As a matter of fact that's one of my pet peeves with people who just want to draft Andrew Luck they shout it and forget that there are other good QB's in this draft that could be had for cheaper prices, and other players this team could use.We have other holes we need to fill. Imagine where this team could go if we moved down.

Before we go to much farther let's deal with another QB that the Colts could get for much cheaper should they move down and gather more picks. One of the best options for the team would be to get Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M. He projects in the 2nd round, and is considered to be an elite prospect.  You can check out some of the Draft notes on him here:

      So if we take someone like Ryan Tannehill that then begs the question of who to take in the first round of the draft. If the Colts move down some of the first round draft prospects for offense worth looking at are Alshon Jeffery: draft notes here

This guy could move in and take over for Reggie Wayne and provide us with a big play threat.

Our we could bring in a another RB Such as Trent Richardson. Talk about a monster of an offense, he would really help out our offense: adding another piece to it, to make it even more difficult to defend. And I make the mention of another RB because Addai can't stay healthy, and because Brown probably won't be here next season. And on a side Trent Richardson is regarded as better than Saints rookie Mark Ingram.

Anyways draft notes here:

     And keep some of those other names mentioned in mind too.

 And Even though we have improved our offensive line immensely we still could use some help along the line:

enter here Matt Kalil, and Jonathan Martin

And then there are defensive picks that Indy could really use. Such as an elite corner, like Dre Kirkpatric or Morris Claiborne (though he could be a potential second rounder as of now). The Colts could really use help at corner, our defensive secondary is not good this year. However there are other first round draft prospects worth looking at. Those include

Quinton Coples draft notes here:

Or Alameada Ta'amu.

Overall there aren't many Top Defensive picks this year. However picking up one of these players allows the Colts the freedom to move so we can draft other really good players into positions we need. Actually if we move down we would be able to have more draft picks for players that could go in the second, third and later rounds, which would give us opportunities to draft players that are both really good and fill needs. Players on defense such as Jaryon Hosely or, Omar Bolden, or other good corners. Or how about safties like T.J. Mcdonald, or Ray Ray Armstrong or others. Or other Dt's such as Josh Chapman& Christian Tupou. or some decent coverage backers. All of these things we need on defense and while we couldn't address them all, we certainly could address some of them.Personally I think it is a good idea to keep both Jerry Hughes and Jamaal Anderson, then drafted a legit NT and someone like Malik Jackson in the later rounds to run a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense.

On offense our O-Line still needs some help we could get a good guard which would help add depth and improve protection/ an even better run game. Also this WR class is deep; we wouldn't have to draft Alshon Jeffery: we could get somebody like Jarret Boykin, or Dwight Jones. Or we could draft a replacement for Jeff Saturday especially if Jake Kirkpatric doesn't work out. 

Our team does need more than just players though, it needs, and hopefully will get, a new coaching staff. That would go a long way to helping Indy's record. Also even though there is a problem with our FO may I remind you that this current draft class was Chris' not Bill's draft, and so far it has been a really good draft (barring injuries). Finally let me end by saying that the Colts could be really great if we don't a Player, but instead we draft a Team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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