I want Matt Kalil!

Before everyone yells at me about how we just drafted a LT last year let me explain.

I will make two quick assumptions - I believe Manning will come back next year and be healthy and I think we will win two games which will lead to Miami ending up having the number 1 pick.  

With Manning coming back, the front office (Polians or whoever) will want to max protect Manning so he doesn't go down with another injury.  It makes more sense to me to go with someone proven (Manning) over someone who everyone THINKS will be good (Luck, Landry Jones, etc.)

Matt Kalil is a stud and as close to a can't miss prospect as you can get.  If we draft him at #2 then our line would be:

LT - Matt Kalil

LG - 3rd Round Pick

C - Saturday (Resign him to a 1 year deal)

RG - Ben Iljalana

RT - Anthony Castonzo

The great thing about moving Castonzo to the RT spot is that he would not only be solid there (many analyst thought it was his best spot) and it would give us depth for the LT spot if Kalil had an injury.

After the jump, is a look at how the roster could possibly look.

Colt Free Agents

Reggie Wayne (Gone - Not preferred, but I think he will ask for too much money for an aging WR)

Pierre Garcon and Robert Mathis (Resigned - I would franchise Mathis if I had to)

Philip Wheeler, Ernie Sims, and Jamaal Anderson (Resign for one year deals)

Anthony Gonzalez, Jacob Tamme, Ryan Diem, Jamey Richard, Jacob Lacey, Mike Pollack, and Tyler Brayton (Not resigned)

Free Agents to Sign

Matt Flynn - QB for Green Bay.  If Manning is healthy, then it makes sense to sign someone who has the potential to develop into a starting quarterback in case Manning gets hurt again or even for the potential future.

Robert Meachem - WR for New Orleans.  I think Meachem could be an incredible WR for our team and is very similar to Reggie in size, route running, and speed; plus he's younger.

Tracy Porter - CB for New Orleans.  I know there are potentially better CB's that will be available, but I think it is realistic that we could get Porter and that he would be a major upgrade for our CB's to team with Powers.

So, here is how our lineup could look:

QB - Manning, Flynn, and Painter

RB - Addai, Carter, Brown, and Evans

WR - Garcon, Meachem, Collie, White, and 5th Round pick

OT - Shown above

TE - Clark, Eldridge, 7th Round pick, and J. Snow

DL - Freeney, Mathis, 2nd Round pick DT, Nevis, Moala, A. Johnson, J. Hughes (who knows a new coach could help), and Anderson

LB - Angerer, Brackett, Conner, Moten, Sims, Wheeler

CB - Powers, Porter, Thomas, Rucker, and 6th Round pick

S - Bethea, Bullitt, Lefeged, and 4th Round pick

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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