'SUCKY BOWL' two lucky teams left


two Lucky teams left

The appearance of St. Louis' World Series trophy in the pregame show was an affront to a true 'Sucky Bowl' contender.  Steven Jackson's secret rub of the trophy like it was Aladdin's lamp was too much power for A.J. Feeley to counter act.  The Saints are the first team in 26 years to score 62 points and lose the next week.

After eight weeks of football it's a two team race to the bottom.  We are half way there and it seems that both teams are committed to there quest.  This campaign will only be won with consistency.  No out of character play like Steven Jackson is allowed. You got that Reggie Bush?

The Miami Dolphins have had two come from ahead loses in the last couple weeks.  Their desire to get the next Dan Marino has no shame and they have the coach to do it.  Despite being above average in rushing the ball and stopping the rush. The legacy of the perfect 1972 team is in jeopardy.

The Indianapolis Colts are still the front runners in the 'suck 4 luck' sweepstakes.  No matter how bad the Dolphins want to tank.  The Colts have a one game lead and the tie breaker.  Through eight weeks Indianapolis has an opponent winning percentage of 0.54 to Miami's 0.56.  Stay tuned because it changes slightly every week.

The Colts are 30th in offensive yards and points.  Couple that with 31st in defensive yards and last in points given up.  It's a perfect storm with Luck at the end of the rainbow.

If watching all this losing on Sunday is getting you down.  Temper it with watching Stanford on Saturday. That triple over time game was amazing!

Are you resigned to the fact that winning the 'Sucky Bowl' will be the best thing for the future of this franchise?  Do you think that Miami wants it more than us?  Would our owner let Manning play under any circumstances this year?  Will we win the division next year and make the playoffs with a healthy Manning?  Is Manning a hard sack away from retirement?  Is Andrew Luck learning our complex offense behind Payton the perfect guarantee to another neck injury?  If Manning gets hurt again, does that make the transition easier for Luck?  Will Luck be better than Cam Newton?  Does this years 'Sucky Bowl' mean Super Bowls in the future?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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