Why The Colts should trade Andrew Luck

If we take Andrew Luck, we will have to get rid of Peyton Manning. The 2 cannot co-exist and although Peyton is getting older, I believe that keeping Peyton is the play that will give us the best chance to win super bowls now and also in the future, here’s why:


It comes down to this: Healthy Peyton + receiving top draft picks + developing a QB under Peyton IS GREATER THAN rebuilding a team on the hope that Andrew Luck will actually be a god in the NFL.


Peyton will be healthy and ready to go in 2012.  Take this as you may but I have spoken to a family friend who is the head physician of an ER unit in Indy and is a colleague of the doctor that performed the surgery on Peyton.  They both completely agree that Peyton will make a full recovery with little to zero side effects.  It is a recoverable surgery and Peyton will be back with 4 years left on his contract.  With as few hits Peyton has taken during his career, I could see Peyton having 6-7 solid years left that would put us in contention for a super bowl.


The reason that Peyton needed a third surgery is because they went in on the wrong side of his neck during the second surgery.  The doctor made a mistake but performed the necessary procedure the third time around.


We have the ability to trade Andrew Luck for the world.  Teams are desperate to get a hold of a player like Luck.  We could trade for several number one draft picks, pick up some much needed talent at any position that we deem necessary (many options here) and then in the 2013 draft, pick up a QB.  We could pick up a talented QB with a first round draft pick of the team that wants Luck the most.  A QB that would be willing to sit under Peyton for a while and develop and gain confidence (someone with more natural ability than Curtis Painter).  This route has a much higher probability of success in the NFL than throwing a rookie QB to the wolves and putting pressure on him to replace a player like Peyton Manning.


I believe that it is too high of a risk to place the entire team in Andrew Luck’s hands.


There is a very real chance that Andrew Luck will not be as good as people say he is.  There is only one person that I believe can transform an 0-16 team to a playoff team with extreme haste, and it’s not Andrew Luck.  Only Peyton Manning has that ability. 


Since Peyton Manning was drafted,  the number one draft picks of QB’s who have been praised by the same people who have already crowned Luck the greatest of all time has been Tim Couch, Michael Vick, David Carr, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Jamarcus Russell, Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford.  That list does not exactly scream super bowl champion.


Last but not least, I want to solidify the greatness of Peyton Manning.  If he were able to bring us back to the playoffs next year, it would show that he is the greatest of all time.  It would be similar to what Michael Jordan did with the bulls except for playing baseball, he was getting a fusion surgery on his neck.  This would be indisputable evidence of just what Peyton is capable of accomplishing.  Colts fans are well aware that no player has ever meant more to a team, next year I want the rest of the nation to know it too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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