Manning and Luck can coexist, just not for long term.


This is my first FanPost here on SB, I'm a long time lurker. 

I believe that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck can be on our team for as long as one or two years and we can actually benefit from it. 

I personally think that even if Peyton comes back, I don't see him playing more than 2 or 3 years at best. I also believe that he would retire after winning one more SB with us, so the best case scenario for me would be that PM return healthy, we still take Luck, and then Manning give us one more SB between the span of the next two years, that way he can retire and pass the torch to Luck. That's the way that the GOAT should be able to retire, After winning another Vince Lombardi with the Colts.

For those who say it's impossible to have Mannning and Luck from a financial point of view, I just can't buy it, with the new rookie wage scale this is not a huge problem anymore. Andrew Luck cap hit for his first two years would be around 4 and 5 M respectively, so I don't see a big problem there. Besides the best part of this is that you can always trade Luck after his first year if the team believes that Manning can play for four more years, if anything the value of Luck would increase because of the year he sat behind Manning.

I just don't think that those 4 or 5 Million that they would be paying Luck can be a strong reason why this team will not win another SB. Also having Luck would be the best insurance in case something happen to PM during the season.

Keep in Manning and Luck for four years can be a mistake, having both of them for one or two years can be a good bargain.

I believe that for this year we still have some big millions on dead cap thanks to Sanders and Hayden, that should be cleared for next year. We also not gonna spend 4 M on Collins next year. Benchwarmer Gonzo and his almost 2 M cap hit would be gone too.

Next year Freeney is supposed to have a 19 M cap hit, It's the last year of his contract, so I'm sure they would extend his contract to lower that number.

I don't think that Reggie Wayne would be re-sign, so his 8 M cap hit should be gone and replaced with a lower cap hit number from his substitute WR. (Garcon?, Draft pick?, FA?)

Gary Brackett is supposed to have a 7,400 M cap hit next year,
Dallas Clark is supposed to have a 7,320 M cap hit next year, Melvin Bullit is supossed to have a 3,600 M cap hit next year and Jerry Hughes is supposed to have a 2,600 M cap hit next year.          

If those guys are kept on the team under these same numbers, then that's the kind of decisions that can really prevent us from winning another SB, not paying 4 M to Andrew Luck.

I think that we're gonna a lot cap room next if we make the right moves, if we do that we shoul be able to re-sign the only two must signs players (Mathis and Saturday), on FA we should look for some other Low risk - high reward type of player, one FA wish that I have is to bring back Jake Scott, he's 30 years old and would be a FA next year.

Even if we spend the number 1 pick on Luck, we still have other 6 picks to bust the D and pick up one WR, also we're probably gonna get a third or fourth conditional pick becuse of the 30 M contract that the Jags give to Session.

Also, I'm confident that Manning would redo his contract to help us again, besides I don't see the Colts paying 28 M next season to a QB that comes from 3 neck surgerys in the last 2 years. Even if he is a "healthy" Peyton Manning.

That's my two cents on this hole thing, I still give the Polians the benefit of the dude and believe that they would make the right choice, whether that be taking Luck or Manning and move on, or whether they chose to keep both.

PS: I'm not american nor my first language is english, so I apologize for any grammar errors. Pretty sure no one would ever guess where I'm from LOL!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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