Instead of thinking about a lost year, I look forward to the next draft!


*This is my draft case scenario in case Manning is fully healthy for the next season. Before picking any players I started off evaluating our current rosters to see where exactly do we need to improve long term while being able to win short-term like any  GM should be able to do and execute in the NFL.

QB: Peyton Manning is getting old at minimum/maximum he should have between 1-5 years.

This year our running game has improved greatly especially with possibly Donald Brown finally being able to run at a consistent level. Surprisingly, our running game averages above 4+ after spending years of mediocre rushing yet due to imbalanced play calling we finish 23rd ( Pretty decent with our standard) with 98.4 yards per game. 

Our Offensive line is also improved and may need a bit of touching up but overall the pass protection is adequate just the lack of talent  from the QB position neglects the progress we are having in that line. Run protection has really improved as  only Delone Carter( 3.9) as a running back is below 4 yards.

Our Defense, which always was mediocre, has faced the most impact without Manning. Our DEs have been completely neutralized without having the benefit of being in the lead to rush the passer.  Combining all the sacks from everyone, we do not even average 2 sacks per game.

After the Jump comes the players I think can positively improve this team for the next decade or so.

To begin with I think the Colts start off and make the least riskiest choice. Trade the First Rounder to Seattle or the Redskins, both teams would love to trade up for a opportunity of some "luck". I think the Redskins would most likely swap places with their  2nd rounder and a conditional (3-6) and the Redskins would get a future pair of 4th rounders.

1st pick : I think we should either choose Dre Kirkpatrick, Alson Jeffery, Justin Blackmon or try and trade back just enough to snag Morris Claiborne. Our priority should be getting a dominant WR or someone who can actually defend the pass and will have the best chance to be #1 or #2 ( Lacey to UFL)

2nd: I say we go and try and get our a possible QB successor who should slip down alot. Nick Foles, he doesn't have all the hype or pressure if  we drafted Luck. Most of his problems are mentally and some years behind Manning could definitely help him out. Possibly Kirk Cousins if he's on the board and no one else interesting enough can be drafted now.

Other 2nd: We go ahead and get Mike Adams who will add tons to our running and offensive game or get Jayron Hosley I think he could be valuable enough to trade up and get with his potential (Wingspan of Calvin Johnson).

3rd: With the 3rd pick our defense could use another run-stopper or someone who can play SS without something in thier shoulder. We pick TJ McDonald or Alameda Ta'amu (DT).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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