Jim Irsay Says Stupid Stuff On Twitter About Peyton Manning, The 2012 NFL Draft

The Colts had a bye week last week, but that didn't stop owner Jim Irsay from blabbing about a bunch of silliness about the Colts on Twitter.

It's very possible 18 back at full strength n we take future QB high in draft...it's not necessarily 1 or the other...stay tuned4 wild ride!

Sure, it's 'possible' Manning could return. Though, if you heard Peyton talk about his lack of progress recovering from spinal fusion surgery a few weeks ago, it certainly didn't sound like Manning would be back. As we have continued to state (because it just makes logical sense), if the Colts get the No. 1 overall pick, they will take Andrew Luck. Luck wants to play immediately. Players picked No. 1 overall have a tendency to expect to play, especially one as highly regarded as Luck.

Thus, Manning and Luck cannot coexist on the same team.

So, unless the Colts somehow manage to blow it and lose out on the Andrew Luck derby, Irsay's comments are puzzling. Oh, and speaking of more Irsay comments that make no sense:

November NFL Sunday,good stuff! Bye-Week n Coltsland,it hurts not being n contention4 1rst time since '98,but gracious SupBowl hosts we'll b

The Colts weren't 'in contention' in 2001, when they were 6-10. Truthfully, they weren't in contention last year.

As much as we bash Bill Polian for his dumb comments, Jim Irsay also deserves some venom, especially now. I like Jim Irsay personally, but I get the sense that he just doesn't get it. The team is 0-10, and looks like one of the worst teams fielded in the NFL in the last ten years. This is serious. This club could go 0-16, and likely WILL! Irsay really just needs to shut up and keep a low profile. Show real concern. Maybe even (gasp!) some anger.

Idiocy like these statements just makes him look even more ridiculous than his current 0-10 team already makes him look.

If anything, he should be searching for new front office and coaching candidates. If he isn't, and keeps these same jokers running his franchise next year, he'll be viewed as a weak, incompetent owner unwilling to face and rectify the reality that his franchise is, indeed, in the toilet.

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