The Colts will trade the #1 pick if they are awared it GUARANTEED and this is why

If the Colts finish the season with the worst record and subsequently get the #1 pick which will be Andrew Luck they will trade down with a team like Seattle or Miami to stay in the top 5. Ive seen numerous reports that say if the Colts do trade down a couple of picks a team like Miami/Seattle will probably be forced to not only swap picks in the top 5 but that team trading with us will give us their 2nd round pick in this years draft and possibly a 3rd or 4th in this years draft as well as their 1st in the next years draft so the colts trade will look like this:

Miami/Seattle/Whoever receive: Colts 1st overall pick

Colts Receive: Other teams top 5 pick, 2nd round pick, 3rd or 4th round pick (or possibly both), and their future (next years) 1st round pick.

(I base what the Colts will receive from this trade off of the Carson Palmer trade by the Raiders and the Falcons trade to move up to the 6th pick to draft Julio Jones)

Now not only will the colts get all of these picks but they will have a draft of:

2012: 1st (top 5), (2) 2nd round picks, possibly two 3rd or 4th round picks, and a 5th, 6th, and 7th

2013: (2) 1st round picks, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

Then the Colts will do one of two things here:

They will use that top 5 pick on Barkley, Kalil, or some other prospect (possibly Blackmon, Martin, or Coples etc.)

Then they will make another trade to get back in the top 10 or top 15 by trading some of their future picks like both 1st rounders in the next draft or something to that extent so they can take one of the other top players.

If they do it this way they can end up with Matt Barkley as our future QB and a player like Matt Kalil, or Jonathan Martin, or Quinton Coples, or Justin Blackmon

You get your QB for the future as well as get a player in Kalil or Martin or Blackmon who not only help Peyton Manning out now they are young and will be there in the future when Barkley take over.

You get way more for the pick this way and you also get the satisfaction in knowing that you don't pay first overall money to Luck for him to sit behind Peyton Manning as well as not helping Peyton win now.When not paying as much money to Luck at first overall you get more picks which help win now and in the future (two birds with one stone scenario) and you can use that money you saved to go out and spend on keeping some of your own free agents ala. Wayne, Mathis, Garcon etc.

You also Cut loose some players that everyone will hate to see leave but will be necessary in order to win like a Gary Brackett (Angerer is better and cheaper) and you cut lose Bullitt because although we don't have depth behind him and he is still the best player at that position on our team he has had 2 surgeries on that same shoulder in the past 2 years and is not worth his salary if he cannot stay on the field.

You do what someone said to me earlier today-Go out like the Broncos did in John Elway did and spend money Irsay and Polian on big name free agents (DT & CB please) and try to win now cause Peyton doesnt have much time left.

This is how I see next year for the Colts shaping out as well as the future Barkley years as well

Thanks for Reading,

Comment below I want your opinions too



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