Everyone's Feeling Blue Lets Be Fair

I've been feeling the pain like everyone else. Seeing all the bandwagon fans over reacting; listening to the national and local talking heads as well. What short memories we have. 2 years ago the Colts had that magical season which should have ended in a 16-0 2nd Superbowl Win for the Colts but didn't. I documented the 2009 season by recording the NFL Network Coverage of the Colts Road to the Superbowl. As well as games 1 through 13. Did we play the J-E-T-S JETS in the regular season? :)

For some strange reason i rewatched the 2009 season yesterday and of course it is enjoyable up until the final game of that season vs our own Drew Bree's which we refuse to mention on this board. Anyway firstly all the insinuation that Coach Caldwell has no emotion is false."Alex Chalupka's "The many faces and emotions of Jim Caldwell " is hilarious but utterly false unless it is qualified by adding 2011.

I understand that not everyone has NFL network, therefore not everyone gets to see the locker room post game shows except what is fed to the local tv stations. But i did and i am sure many of you did.

But the team, the coaches, the Pollians and Irsay all have great team chemistry. There are multiple games where, Caldwell does indeed show emotion, smiles, fist pumps, angry faces, congratulates the team after a job well done; engages and motivates the players.

One that i clearly remember is the Jags post game locker room reaction after that unexpected shootout in 2009 where his comments post game to Irsay/Pollian were "That was an old school shootout" . His demeanor on the sidelines, the sick look on Del Rio and Garrards faces. Pollian grinning from ear to ear. All examples of how the front office and coach are extremely in sync with each other and how winning is infectious to all around it.

Flash forward to last year 2010. Caldwell's names was being mentioned among "Coach of the year" candidates given the multiple skill position injuries the team was facing. This year the mother of all NFL  injuries occurs and the fans are steps away from Occupy "Jim Caldwell/Pollian's Homes". 

I agree with other fanbases when they say that Peyton's injury exposes how finicky our fan-base is. Now we can argue about the time outs in the regular season and playoffs but our offense failed to put up the points to avoid worrying about the final 2 minutes. Our defense couldn't   hold that "JUGGERNAUT" Jets offense for 2 minutes? I mean lets be balanced in our analysis.

I have no comments on Bill Polians because his results speak for themselves. Are we really fair in judging Caldwell and Pollian on 1 bad year, and dismissing the previous 9 or more? If you have any doubts on what Bill Polian has meant to this Colts organization look at the other franchises not named the Steeler's or Pats.

Now if next year we see more of the same thing with number 18 at center and 12 on the bench. Then i will be the first one with a pitch fork calling for us to Occupy something.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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