The PROBLEM: Caldwell? Polian? Irsay?

I'd like to express my fan opinion on the PROBLEM with the Colts, as this topic has obviously become an issue for debate (0-9... rightfully so).  We, the Colts, have a PROBLEM.  

Jim Caldwell.  

I really really like this guy.  His lack of emotion on TV while on the sideline is often equated to being too stupid for emotion.  He's too stupid to get angry, to tell Andrea Kramer that we stunk in the first half, so he's obviously too stupid to call a timeout at the proper time.  in my opinion, these are not logical deductions.   His lack of emotion on the sideline is a throwback to many old-school coaches, and I truly believe that is where it comes from.  THATS IT. He doesn't believe convincing the fans watching on TV of what he's going to do matters, and as a coach, that really isn't my issue... the results are.  He's not the PROBLEM.  Do I believe he is a great coach?  Not really.  But he has the respect of his players, his owner, his management, and he allows smart people to call the plays when management allows those smart people to continue with the Colts (I'm not sure we have that available anymore on Offense, and I'm not positive we've had that since Dungy on defense).  In general, I consider that a good coach.

(I fully understand Caldwell will definitely be fired after this season... 1) because life isn't fair and his public situation demands it and 2) "Polian")


I'm not "insider" enough to decipher who the the Real Slim Polian is or whatever you want to say, but "Polian" seems to make a large percentage of decisions on what the Colts do.  I truly believe Polian is the PROBLEM.  I gather that Bill "Polian" had relatively successful runs before he joined the Colts as a GM.  Nothing that impressed me that much, but he seemed to have a good reputation.  What I have seen up close is a guy who lived off Peyton Manning.   Before this season (and before Peyton's latest surgery) I posted a Fanpost on here that was received with a lot of criticism... how Peyton was not being surrounded with the proper team.  I'm not claiming to be a genius, but what I was talking about was how we should stop drafting WR, TE, DE only (skill positions that thrive with the lead) and build a genuinely decent football team from the core inside out and then throw Peyton (the GREATEST) into the mix, as his greatness would overcome mediocrity in his skill positions (heck, looking at this year maybe thats all he had all along). I thought this approach would be better in the long run for Peyton's playoff record, and wanted to forget about his perfectionist regular season stats -- little did I know how big of a PROBLEM Peyton had, well before his neck stopped working.  "Polian" needs to go.  The failures greatly outnumber the successes, and the only reason this is even a debate is the greatness of Peyton Manning.  Our team sucks.  It sucks.   I love this team but IT SUCKS.  Painter sucks, but he's ONE POSITION, it only seems like the whole team because hes replacing the greatest NFL player ever.  We were a great dynasty team to everyone... even Mark "You need to run the ball, and stop the run" Schlereth, before Peyton was injured.  Is there really any other interpretation???



This guy is funny and seems like a cool guy.  And he's a good owner.  Owner's generally are either invisible old businessmen, or cause problems.  Irsay tweets lyrics, and innocuous fan-type stuff.  This guy is a great owner and has nothing to do with the PROBLEM.


Roster -- yes, its part of the PROBLEM.  But not because the amount of talent as much as the mix.  So much invested on hands WRs/TEs, and none on CBs or DTs. etc etc etc etc etc.  I think we have some talent.  Without Peyton our talent level is below average in the NFL.  But not the worst ever NFL team talent level.  That kind of performance comes from the PROBLEM.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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