Jim Irsay Tells Colts Fans To 'BUCK UP!'

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 6: Indianapolis Colts fan looks on during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 6, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Falcons defeated the Colts 31-7. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Colts owner is back on Twitter, trying desperately to tell angry fans that this unprecedented 0-9 start is really no big deal:

Come on,ColtsNation,BUCK UP! Sure these r tough times,but tough times come..no one's ever won 115 games n a decade,like we have,NO ONE EVER!

Again, since I'm reasonably certain Mr. Irsay reads this blog, I'll simply reiterate what I and many other Colts fans feel whenever we hear Colts employees trumpet this 'we won a lot of regular season games' stuff in a poor attempt to provide people with 'perspective'...

No one cares how many regular season games this franchise won in a decade, Mr, Irsay.

Great franchises are judged by playoffs wins and championships. Right now, the Colts have just one Lombardi Trophy, and for a franchise that had Peyton Manning healthy for thirteen years, just one championship will be viewed as a failure should it be the lone trophy the Colts earn during this era. The team is also has a 9-10 playoff record since 1999, with seven of their eleven trips to the post-season ending in one-and-done loses to teams the Colts were favored to beat. In four of those seven one-and-done trips, they lost at home. Three of those four home loses were after a first round bye.

Again, Irsay can trumpet this useless regular season record stuff all he wants, but the reality is a 12-4 regular season is a failed one if it results in a first round exit from the playoffs. That's the expectation fans of an 'elite' franchise have. Does anyone care that Green Bay was 10-6 last year in the regular season, and just barely made the playoffs? No, of course not. Just as no one really cares that the Colts won 115 regular season games in a decade. It's nice. It's fun little stat. But it's really nothing to get excited about, and it is certainly not something that is going to make Colts fans feel better about the fact that their team is now, all of a sudden, the worst in football.

Trying to comfort Colts fans now in that way is like telling a man on fire that, just a few months ago, it was snowing.

Irsay also took time to comment on Bob Kravitz's article last Sunday on the 'toxic environment' Colts G.M. Chris Polian has created at West 56th Street.

My friend Bob K,was off base on his article..all that Watergate stuff,unnamed sources,blah,blah..2 heavy handed,not enough perspective

I don't know if citing Watergate is an effective way to debunk Kravitz's unnamed sources, Mr. Irsay. Watergate brought down Richard Nixon due, in part, to the key information FBI agent Mark 'Deep Throat' Felt gave reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein published Felt's information in the Washington Post, and cited him as an anonymous source known as 'Deep Throat.' No one ever knew Felt was 'Deep Throat' until his death in 2008.

So, unless Irsay is suggesting Bill Polian is Richard Nixon (a comparison I don't necessarily have an issue with), the use of Watergate in this context is probably not a good idea if you're trying to dismiss and debunk the information Kravitz gave his readers last Sunday.

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