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Looking at our current situation from all available angles. The future is now gentleman and we have to face it (well maybe not until April 2012), but its coming. A couple things to note from my perspective is that now is not the time to hold off on a decent quarterback selection. In my crystal ball I am seeing 2013 to be a horrendous year for drafting a quarterback. We have to take one in the 2012 draft somewhere within the first round. Now which one it is out of our three lucky most competitive candidates (Luck, Griffin, or Barkley) is of course officially up to the front office. But something deep inside me says that Barkley is going to return to USC for one more year. My reason for thinking this is because he probably has former USC QB Matt Leinart’s phone number in his contacts list and has already made the call to him on what he thinks he should do. Everyone here knows that Leinart is going to bring the news that his best time’s playing football might be best served with the Trojans because you never know the kind of curveballs that life will throw at you, especially at the next level.

So that leaves two top selections in the 2012 draft in the quarterback position:

Exhibit #1: Andrew Luck the already polished refined player that is expected to be a #1 draft pick. Now with Andrew Luck, he already comes out as having starting NFL quarterback potential right out of the box he came in on.

Exhibit #2: Robert Griffin III (or better known as RG3) may come with some assembly required but is sure to impress in an NFL which is slowly morphing into a dual threat (run/pass) quarterback league. One of the most intriguing things about RG3 is even with his outstanding speed and elusive capabilities he is still a pass first quarterback who has put up top tier quarterback numbers (not a Denard Robinson).

Now don’t get me wrong I truly do love both picks and have watched a lot of game footage on both players. But with RG3 I actually looked forward to watching him play more so than Luck. He just had that extend the play/big play making ability that leaves you thinking is this guy for real. I am sure other people who have watched both players and have had the same reaction. Honestly, which player did you tell your friends this season to flip the TV channel to the most? More than likely it was RG3 of the two.

Like everyone else in here, or any Indianapolis Colt’s fan for that matter I can’t give Peyton Manning enough credit for taking this mediocre team and turning it into the most powerful franchises of the past decade (Jim Irsay, Bill Polian and Tony Dungy hats off to you to). Even if Peyton Manning is sitting at 75% health by the time March rolls around I say you keep the man in Indy. My reasoning behind this is for a couple different reasons; If PM goes off to some other team and wins a Super Bowl with them it would sting for a while, for everyone within this organization and the fan base. I don’t know if everyone feels the same way I do but I would rather see Luck when a Super Bowl with Miami or the Browns, then Manning win with someone like Rex Ryan and his Jets. Another reason to keep PM in Indy is because by getting rid of PM you are getting rid of the second best OC that this team has ever had (1st Tom Moore). As a huge fan of Indy you have to admit that seeing are players go into a huddle this season was a huge kick in the chest. Every time I would see Painter call a huddle I could just see the other team’s health bars regenerating like some kind of video game from the added rest. The system we had with Manning at QB is one that I want to remain within the Colts organization for a long time. Never do I want my Son to grow up watching the Colts with our offense not calling a play on the line, and with the defenses not on their heels out of breath waiting for the next opening to change out. If we draft an already polished quarterback and Manning decides to walks we may never get the opportunity to see a system like that again Gents.

So what do I suggest to do with Manning:

See if he will re-make the original contract to better benefit the Colts. In return to Manning give him the option for a “say” in what weapons he wants the Colts to receive in this year’s draft (but we must get a Quarterback for the future as a precautionary measure to be the true heir to Manning). If we can let’s do our best to see him retire as a Colt and maybe help him get a coaching job within the organization. We already did one wrong to the late great #19 Johnny U let’s not tarnish are selves with a wrong to Manning.

What do I suggest we do about the draft:

Trading down would by far be the wisest decision that this franchise can make. I don’t know about everyone else here but I am tired of listening to all the Cowboys and Patriots fans talk about rings and dynasties. We have a rare opportunity this season to put together one of the greatest teams the NFL has ever seen in a very short time. How do we do this? We trade Luck away to a team like the Brown’s for their two first round draft picks, and a later round draft pick this year. And one first round draft pick for 2013 at the least (possibly bring Haden back).

2 - 2012 1st round picks
1 - 2012 3rd round pick
1 - 2013 1st round pick

*This trade is very possible especially with the new controversies that are arising out of Cleveland regarding McCoy from this Thursday’s past game against the Steelers.

With the first pick try to reel in RG3 to secure our QB position. If this doesn’t happen start plugging in players to all the critical holes we have on our team starting with the defense. This team really needs some larger than life/ game changing defenders on the level of the 07’ Bob Sanders. Like I said earlier if Manning likes the thought of reducing his contract let him scout out some of the offensive weapons that he would like to have. As for our hole, if we can’t get RG3 or pick up any suitable backup QB in the draft I think we should try pursuing Brady Quinn from the Broncos. My reason for thinking this is because he already has a cult following within the state of Indiana, bring the boy home and it might be the rejuvenation he needs to release his true potential. If this doesn’t work out go after Barkley in the 2013 draft.

The overall outcome of all of this:

The fans are happy because the Colts have been quickly re-equipped for another potential run at the title by the start of the 2012 season. Who knows we might even have an heir to the great PM for a smooth painless transition of continued greatness for the next decade. If we were to draft Luck a couple different scenarios might pan out, and there would not be as quick a turnaround for us as if we didn’t draft him. If he has all the potential the scouts believe him to have we would still have to wait for him to get use to things in the NFL. He would be more slowly re-equipped with the weapons he needs for success. Remember it took PM a couple years to come out of his shell when he first started, those guaranteed couple of interceptions he would make a game use to kill me on the inside. Or Luck could even be a bust. Not to think negative or anything but great reviews from the scouts came out about Ryan Leaf too (some even graded him higher then Manning). Do you really want to go all in with the future of the Indianapolis Colts on one pick? If Luck comes to the Colt’s and Manning walks that entire knowledge of the Offensive System goes with him. That means that instead of my Son watching the heir to Manning call plays on the line, and the opposing defense dying inside.. I might have to watch him call plays in a huddle off a gay little wrist band like Tom Brady. Not happening, we want the keys of one of the highest powered offenses of all time handed off to an heir who has the same capabilities to unlock its true potential the same way Manning does.

*For all those doubters in RG3 the kid is ridiculously smart (degree in Political Science in 3 years), and I could easily see him unlocking this offense to the true potential Manning does. The only thing that would be different is that defenses would have to add the worries of a possible QB sneak on a third and short.

Luck would be happy with this move because he gets the starting quarterback role from the get go.

Manning wins because he remains and possibly retires with the organization.

The organization wins because our rebuilding phase is accelerated quicker with the extra draft picks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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