How Do The Colts Replace Bob Sanders?

- mgrex03 note: Took the picture out to place on Front page

Yesterday was a tough day for Colts fans. When I heard #21 was released I promptly ordered a pizza and told my secretary to cancel all my appointments, despite the fact I have no secretary and had no appointments. It was a largely symbolic gesture. I reserve the right not to discuss whether or not I subsequently cried.

What else could I do? I needed a distraction from my only distraction, the Indianapolis Colts. I'm a farmer and it's too cold to work outside up here. (I live in Minnesota, displaced Hoosier for over 10 years since I left for college.) That's a clue to my age, a subject of great debate amongst my 3 wives. (Did I mention I'm Mormon.) That's enough about my personal life.

The title of this fan post isn't "How Do We Replace NoCuddleOffense Once He's Banned?" It's "How Do The Colts Replace Bob Sanders?", the greatest destructive force known to humanity. Yes, yes, mostly to himself in the last 3 years but I digress.   

My first thought, maybe we can resign him? I don't believe so. Virtually every football blog out there is discussing whether or not their team should sign the human wrecking ball. Good bet at least one team will offer more guaranteed money. I fear Bobzilla is as good as gone. Time to look at other options, kiddies.

The notion that it was a mistake to keep Bob active instead of Gonzo is another example of hindsight is 20/20. The majority of us were relieved it was Gonzo and not Bob. At that point we hadn't lost Collie, needed live bodies and with no viable options out there to upgrade the position besides Bob. It was the right decision. Only when it turned out unexpectedly that Gonzo could have returned did anyone start to question it. 

We all figured it would happen. But I'm just glad the Colts we're able to keep it under wraps that he was going to be released. The last thing you want is a player's release leaking out before it happens.

The short answer is Melvin Bullitt, But with him coming off surgery, along with about 4,000 other safeties on the Colts IR, a backup is of utmost importance. Others have discussed possible free agents. It's a safe assumption a free agent is unlikely. We built through the draft silly.

This fan post is meant as a jumping off point to discuss the 2011 draft options at SS, until someone writes a better article, or someone goes back in time and talks Polian out of resigning him. That's the only way anyone could have foreseen Bob's injuries. Well maybe magic or omnipotence, but that's about it. 

I don't watch much college ball, so I'm really gonna need some help. Here's three possible safeties and when they could be available. As always, I'm paraphrasing and ripping of other people's words, so sue me you corporate-whore-jerk-wads.

Quinton Carter - 2nd

Big hitter, can and has played both SS and FS. Good hands, solid tackler, skills to play in a Cover 2 defense. Aggressive, team leader. All around studly awesomeness. Don't let any of your wives read the scouting reports, they might fall in love with him.

Tyler Sash - 3rd or 4th

Stole this from don't consider that cheating.

Incredible awareness and instincts – Knack for finding the ball – Very soft hands – Good, but not elite, athleticism for a safety – Good zone defender – Willing tackler.

Back-pedal needs polish – Needs work on his man coverage skills – Fluidity in hips could improve – Not as effective when moving backwards.

He's got a great name, but I'm not sure that means he will be a great safety. 

Joe Lefeged - Going as high as the 4th

Looks like a great ST player, Dual returner, blocks punts and possible starter down the road. summed him up pretty well in this paragraph.

 Lefeged is a little undersized for a traditional safety in the NFL. He is not the fastest guy around either, but he simply gets the job done in every possible way. At best Lefeged is a mid-round draft pick, but some team will get a great special teams player and a versatile safety who could work his way into a starting role with a little experience.

The answer to the question, how do we replace Bob Sanders? My guess, Polian makes a move to ensure we get Q. Carter in the 2nd. 

All hail the great Polian. Am I a Kool-Aid drinking, water carrying Colts homer? Fracking right I am.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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