Refutation of any Criticism Towards Off-Season Moves

These last few years, especially this off season, the coaching staff of the Colts have been unjustly attacked. Especially Pollian and Caldwell. I'll just get straight to the point, the arguments against them are ridiculous, and I'll show you why.

Let's just start with the Huey move. People have called it scapegoating, disgraceful, ect. My question is, why is this a shock? Overall as a rushing unit, we havn't averaged 4.0 rushing over a season since 2006. The only reason it is mentioned is because he was here for so long. Let me put the scapegoating thing to rest right here with a little thinking. So Bill Pollian and Jim Caldwell were around about 2 weeks after we lost to the Jets. Pollian who realized that fans that he supposedlydoesn't care about their opinon, were complaining about the run game. So they decieded to make Huey the goat. Just seriously, do you think after emotion is out of the equation, that Pollian who doesn't care about fan's opinions really, would just fire a guy to please the people he doesn't care about? That's the point of a scapegoat, to try and avoid the issue to the people that care. But the problem is, as Pollian pretty much made clear in week 16(I agree with the decision of course), to bench players, but not give us any warning, that he didn't care a lot of what we thought of him, and that he would suddenly deceide to appease the crowd that all ready loves him? The Colts have no shortage of fans and arn't losing many, so he had nothing to gain by scapegoating Huey. It's not like people should think about decisions that affect the team greatly, they base them all on emotion right? How do we know that he didn't fit in with what was Caldwell was trying to do? It's not anything new, coaches all the time replace old guys with guys they are familiar with and fit their system. Presidents(USA) do it all the time, yet we rarely complain about that. Why should it be any diffrent with football? Also, how do we know he was all that good or he still had it in him? Yes, he produced a lot of good backs, but had a few duds. Maybe they wern't happy with Brown's growth, or they stopped listening to him. To point to people that he coached under saying that they got better, your also assuming that Jim Caldwell who was a QB coach, and Manning was coached under him. That means Caldwell being Manning's coach made him a lot better. We have no idea if that was the case, but what do you think?

And reguarding if we should fire either Pollian or Caldwell, tell me who would be a better replacement? I've all ready explained how Cowher or Gruden would be terrible choices for coaches, and tell me who's a better GM who's out there that would come here?

Now reguarding last few 1st round picks, let's start with Ugoh. He wasn't a bust, and Nate Dunvley of the excellent site,  explains how.

Now onto Gonzo, he was great when healthy, GMs can't predict if a guy will stay healthy. And Brown? He's gotten limited touches because he is Addai's heir. He was a backup, and there was 0 chance of him starting. He is a homerun guy, and we saw what he could do when we run it outside and good blocking. He'll probably get his chance next year, and given the right conditions he should be good. And Jerry Hughes? No, I'm sorry, he's not a bust. Many people have defended him. He is not a run blocker, neither is Mathis or Freeney. So it is only safe to put him in on passing downs. But wait! That's where Freeney and Mathis usually love to play! Yeah, and he got about 2-3 passing snaps a game. That means, over the whole year, he probably got around 30 snaps a game. That's about a game and a half worth of snaps. Freeney and Mathis don't get a sack every game, and they're the best in the league. If you were expecting a rookie to come in into a game without having experience against this tackle, or having time to set him up, and still get 5 sacks this year, you're kidding yourself. Expectations were way too high, he was an insurance policy in case someone got hurt.

Now onto the IR problem. Some people were complaining that Hayden and Session wern't put on quick enough, and Gonzo was too quick. I'm sorry that's just weak. You can't blame a guy for being too quick with a few and too cautious with others, it doesn't go both ways. And if you saw Fransisco play, you probably know why they held out until they were sure that Sanders couldn't play. And by putting those guys on IR, your assuming they're guys out there who could fill their spot. If Fransisco was the best we could find, I shudder to think who else could be signed.

To Caldwell, just tell me is there anyone else who is familiar with the 4-3 and could succeed in it? Lovie Smith? Mike Tomlin(he's a 4-3 guy, Dick Labau takes care of their D), yeah right. If you can tell me a viable coaching option that could help out our D, then we'll talk.

Now onto Pollian's recent draft failures... Here are some of the failures of the last few drafts... Session, Garcon, Hart, Collie, Powers, Conner, Matthews, Angerer, Eldridge, Moala, Bethea, Addai, trading for Tryon, ect... Not every pick is a winner, but we've got loads of young talent. Bethea is a pro bowler, Garcon could be if he could be consistant, Session played like one earlier, Collie, Powers, and Conner might become pro bowlers if they stay healthy and improve, and Moala who got a lot better. 

And the argument that he's a jerk, yeah he sort of is. But so is Belicheck. But you don't hear a lot about it, because he's judged on what he does on the field, not how he acts.

The thing is, not every pick will be a winner, not every decision wil be the best. But how to tell an average GM from a great one, is when you can tell he's making a lot more good decisions than bad ones. Comment and Rec if you liked.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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