NOON UPDATE: 2011 NFL Scouting Combine

Since not everybody has or regularly uses Twitter, I thought I'd share a few tweets that Matt and I have put together this morning.  So far, we have heard Chan Gailey, Steve Spagnuolo, Ron Rivera, Jeff Ireland, John Fox, Trent Baalke, John Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz speak.

We have a bit of a noon break here, so we'll take this as a chance to share some information with you:

Chan Gailey (Matt)

  • Chan Gailey defends Ryan Fitzpatrick, making it seem as though they aren't interested in a QB early. Also defended Spiller and his fumbles.
  • No mention of Bob Sanders, but gave his job approval rating at 25%, since they were 4-12 last year.

Ron Rivera (Collin)

  • Rivera: Panthers targeting 7-10 players across all positions including QB.
  • Rivera does not sound confident about Steve Smith remaining a Panther, in my opinion. Just my take.
  • Rivera keeps talking up size in QBs. Definitely a sign Cam Newton will be considered
  • Ron Rivera is going to be a good NFL coach. Confident, studious, aggressive. Knows how to go after Peyton Manning.

Jim Schwartz (Matt)

  • I really like Jim Schwartz. He's going to be a hot commodity real soon.
  • Schwartz: "We aren't about fitting square pegs into round holes. We want guys who fit our system, from the inside out."
  • Schwartz: "Jeff Fisher was the face of the Titans franchise, and it won't sink in that he is gone until that first game and he isn't there"
  • Schwartz: "We can't worry about what has happened in the past. We can only worry about what we have."

John Harbaugh (Collin)

  • John Harbaugh: (throw) release time will improve with Joe Flacco as the Ravens continue transition to "quick game."
  • Harbaugh: "40 times aren't they play fast?"
  • Harbaugh on spawning a coaching tree: "I'll claim Rex Ryan as a branch, thats a big branch. Sturdy branch."
  • Harbaugh says that Marshal Yanda is a FA priority for the . fans might want to scratch him off their wishlists.
  • Harbaugh on Cam Cameron: "great teacher...specific fundamental coach...not caught up in ego-related things like yards."
  • Harbaugh on giving advice to his brother, Jim: Jim "doesn't need any advice", is "a proven coach"...(cont'd)
  • ...(cont'd) "nobody has done in college football what [Jim Harbaugh] has done at Stanford the last four years."
  •  HC John Harbaugh seems ready to let FB Le'Ron McClain test the market, said it would be interesting to see the market for McClain.
  • Harbaugh emphasized that McClain was "a ballcarrier too", not just a blocker, which may indicate a better market for McClain.

That's it for our noon update.  Remember, you can follow us on Twitter throughout the afternoon and stay tuned for a Thursday wrap-up.

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