Draft Profiles... Possible First Round Picks For the Colts

This is a post looking purely at possible first round picks for the Colts, with some help from an earlier post. It's pretty obvious after looking at past picks that Pollian loves BCS Seniors, so I'll try and limit the guys I profile to that. I'll also stick to our needs, and people who will realistically be on the board when we pick. So no A.J. Green sadly, or Tyron Smith (I'll explain why later).I'll give stats, pro's andcon's, projected round, and highlights if they're available.

Should be High on our Draft Board


Quinton Carter SS, Oklahoma. We need a safety... Badly. Sanders might come back, but it's Sanders so he'll get a drive or two make a pick and then get hurt. Then there's Bullitt. To say he's inconsistent is an understatement, and he also is having injury problems. No guarantees either are coming back, so that leaves a very large hole at the safety position. Which is where Carter can come in.

Pro's... He's a big hitter, and he's just overall a good person. We need a play maker, and he recorded 8 INTS in two seasons as a starter. We need turnovers. Our D has regressed over the last 3 years and we need some one who can change that. He hasn't had major injury problems, and will be on the board when we draft. Here's a safety though that actually likes to help in the run game... And is good at it. He is a great tackler and is decent in man coverage for a safety. He can catch for a safety, and will make INTs consistently.

Con's... He's not the fastest guy in the world, and is inconsistent with his technique. He sometimes just goes for the tackle in man coverage instead of going for the deflection or the pick. Can sometimes lock on to a player in zone coverage and let other people past his zone allowing the big play. His lack of top end speed can lead to him getting beat deep in coverage. He bites on play action some.

Overall, he's a good player. His con's while plentiful, aren't huge deals. There is no glaring weakness, besides the lack of speed which is keeping him from being a top 15 pick. He's projected to go early 2nd round, but here's the thing. Pollian isn't afraid to make a reach for a player. Meaning if a player should be drafted later but he likes him, he'll likely just take him as soon as he can. Examples are Freeney, Addai, and Angerer. He will be on the board when we take him, and we need a safety. If a few OTs go off the board, I could see this guy being taken. We need a safety, and he is a very talented one.


Mikel Leshoure RB, Illinois.I'm really only doing this because Pollian seems to love 1st round RBs and a two back system. He only becomes a viable option if Addai is gone. If Addai doesn't return, he's a possibility due to Pollian's history. We love two RB systems, and Brown presumably being one of them, we really need a second. James is inconsistent andonly good around the goal line, Rhodes is getting older and he should not see significant time, and Hart is brittle. Leshoure would be a great compliment to Brown.

Pro's... To say he's powerful andelusive at the same time would be an understatement. He can leave people grabbing air, or leave them on the ground. He is a great pass catcher, which is a must for a Colt RB. He doesn't have a significant injury history. He is extremely explosive in the screen game, and is a great dump off pass option. He is 6'0, and 230 pounds, and has great vision for a rookie. Here are highlights of his 2010 season.

Con's... He's not the best pass blocker, and would need to improve majorly in that area. He doesn't have top end speed, but that is expected. He was unknown until last season, and had really only one good season in college. And is a junior, which Pollian doesn't favor unless you're Edgerrin James. The only true junior Pollianhas drafted in the 1st round since he's been our GM. He sometimes focuses only on making the big play, and not the first down. With his great mix of speed and power can come some awkwardness. He sometimes tries to juke and then try and run over them, making an awkward attempt of getting past a player that usually doesn't work. So he has to work on that.

Overall, he's a good prospect. I wouldn't bet that he becomes a Colt, but it's a possibility. If a few OTs are gone and no Addai, it's very possible the Colts take a look at him. I've seen him projected from mid 2nd round to late 1st, so we'll get our only shot to draft him in the 1st round. He'd be a great compliment to Brown, and I'm sure Manning wouldn't mind some young RB talent.



Its Possible...

Jimmy Smith CB, Colorado. If Hayden gets cut in the off season, we need a corner. And Smith is a guy who will be around when we draft. It's rare to find a guy who is 6'2 and can run a 4.4 40 yard dash. He's big, and he's fast, and we need a corner.

Pro's...He has a rare mix of being tall for a corner and extremely fast. 4.4 speed is great for a corner, but being 6'2 makes it a lot better. His size lets him win jump balls for INTs, and he is a decent tackler. He's been a starter since he was a sophomore and has rarely missed time. He can shut down a side of a field, andwon't be pushed around at the line of scrimmage. He doesn't get fooled often on trick plays. Here are highlights for Smith.

Con's...  He might not be the play maker we're looking for. He only recorded 3 INTs in his career, none in his senior year. But mainly because people started to look away from him. One red flag might be that he was held out of certain situations in the Senior Bowl. And we usually require our CBs to play on almost every down. Can bite on play action from time to time.

Overall, his risk is low and will be a good player. We need a corner and his stock is rising. He's projected to be taken around our pick, so we'll be getting great value. Pollian might decide to cut ties with Hayden, and if that happens we need a corner who can stay healthy and shut down a side of a field. And he can do both.

It could go either way

Nate Solder OT, Colorado. We need LT, and he played LT in college. He's a lot faster than OTs, running around a 4.8 40 time. He actually played TE for his first two years, and then gained over 30 lbs and they moved him to tackle. He's a BCS senior, so it's a check there. Let's look at his pro's and con's.

Pro's... He's 6'9, and only 315. He's big, and he's fast, and here's a big pl us. He's an LT. He has very little problems with injuries, and had a great senior bowl. He's a fantastic pass blocker, for a draftee anyway. He's strong, can move around for pitches and screens. Here is his game against Missouri.

Con's... He's a project... His run blocking is average at best, and wouldn't be an extreme upgrade in run blocking from CJ. He's extremely raw from being a converted TE, and his technique is lacking in some areas. Some would say you can just coach him up. If that were true though, you could just take any physical marvel like... Vince Young. And make him into a great player. Not always going to work. He gets beat against speedy guys like Dwight Freeney more than any other.

Overall, he's a good prospect. If he's around he might be taken, I'm not really sure.  The thing is he's projected into the top 15, he probably won't drop to us. It's possible, but who knows? He might not be an immediate starter, but would likely be one in 5 years. Fixing the OL isn't one year off season job. It'll take some time. But Solder could help, or he could be a terrible bust.

It's probably not happening...

Gabe Carimi OT, Wisconsin. Yeah yeah, I'm getting to the OTs. If he falls to us I could see the Colts taking him, but it might not solve our overall problem. We don't have an LT, and he's likely not an LT. So if we want to go RT and Linkenbach goes LT, then it might work.

Pro's... He's huge, strong, and not afraid to get in some one's face. Some have complained our OL is too soft, he would make it a lot tougher. Punishing as a run blocker. He can create large holes for RBs and rarely gets pushed behind the line of scrimmage. He has a mean streak, which could be a pro or con depending on how you look at it. Average at best as a pass blocker. Good student and a hard worker. Here are highlights, and he is #68 and lined as a LT in this game.

Con's...He probably won't be an LT from what I saw from multiple scouting reports. His pass blocking skills are... not that good. He gets killed by finesse rushers. His footwork for pass protection is terrible, and there is no guarantee that it will improve. The major problem is he likely is a RT, which means our LT problem is probably the same.

Overall, I don't see it happening. We need an LT, and unless pulls a Saffold he's probably a LT. He would be a major upgrade from Diem, but so would a lot of players. I like the kid, but if LT is truely our priority, he won't be a Colt. He's projected to be picked after the top 15. So probablybe around when we pick.



Anthony Costanzo OT, Boston College.He is a high effort player who's size and speed could fit right in with the Colts. He is only 295 pounds, but is 6'7. If we're trying to add bulk to our OL, he isn't the way to go at all.

Pro's... He has very solid technique, and he won't need a lot of coaching. He has sound fundamentals, is very well coached, and is a solid player. He is a good pass blocker, and is surprisingly good against speed rushers like Mathis. He is a good athlete, and can improve with time. He is good on pitch outs and stretch plays. He is a great screen blocker. Here are some highlights of Andy. I couldn't find many of him.

Con's... This might be the best he'll get. He isn't a superior athlete, and has been relying on his technique to get him where he is. Which isn't a bad thing, but he might not ever be a pro bowler. He might be a LT, but he played LT for his last two years of college, and RT his first two years of college. So there is no guarantee he'll be a LT, which means we're still back to square one LT wise. Not the best run blocker.

Overall, he's a decent prospect. I don't think the Colts will take him, but it's possible. He right now would be slightly better than CJ, but he likely wouldn't get better. He gets pushed around some against bull rushers, but is better against speed guys. I don't see it happening, but he will likely be around when we pick.

Not happening 

Tyron Smith OT, USC. I'm not even going to bother writing a scouting report for him really. Here's the deciding factor, he was held out of the Emerald Bowl due to bad grades. Since I couldn't find any documented learning disabilities, he's lazy. And he's a junior. So he's got two things bad going for him. Pollian loves seniors and hard workers. He is neither. He probably won't even be around when we pick, so I wouldn't even think consider it a possibility even if he falls to us. To add insult to injury he's 30 pounds heavier than what was expected when he showed up for the combine.


That is it for now. Just comment and rate for people you want me to do a scouting report on and I will deceide where they fall in my catogories. I just wanted to get the most common guys out there and then add more as they go along. Thanks for reading, and comment and rec if you like. And as always, GO COLTS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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