Ideal draft . . . in my unexpert opinion

My ideal draft looks something like this:

Round 1- OT)  As long as it is not Nate Solder I am okay with whomever it is. Solder reminds me too much of Chris Williams ("Technichian with no strength" aka the "Bullrush right over me / crash inside on me / run around me" Tackle). Personally, my favorite is Castonzo for the left side. If we are savy, we grab Carimi for the right side and wait until next year to grab a left tackle. All of the guys available were utterly abused at the Senior Bowl - except Carimi (because he was injured). Perferably, this is a position you trade back to one of those teams that feel they "have to trade up" to ensure they get the QB they passed on in Round 1.

Round 2 - DT) Paea, Austin, and Taylor are beasts, but I feel the buck really stops after this. If the Colts want to continue with their "one-gap" DT setup they are running, Paea and Austin make the most sense. If they want to run more of a MN Vikings sort of Tampa 2. Phil Taylor seems the best candidate in my book. After these guys I feel - personally - like there is no one else to take a flyer on. (There are several DE - I would put the category of "I would let them be a 5 Tech for our team." None of which I expect to be there in the second round but without further adue: Jordan (Cal), Bailey (Miami), Clayborn and Ballard (Iowa) Sorry, last guy I promise, Jurrell Powe, Ole Miss intrigues me as well.

Round 3 WR) Greg Little: he is raw, but I see in him everything that you hope for in a #1. Austin Pettis (good route runner) and Terrence Tolliver will each need seasoning, but have potential to be solid. Edwin Gates goes on the list, but I expect Al Davis to have scooped him up by our pick. Also, Gates is a little old for my tastes, but whatever.

Round 4 - OT moved to OG) Every year we see an OT in college get slid to guard and start an effective career as a mauler on the inside. This year there are a couple guys I like in that role: Marcus Gilber (Florida), Joseph Barksdale (LSU), and finally he won't be there but Marcus Cannon (TCU). Also, on the very fringe, I may consider James Brewer. In terms of pure guards, I like Hudson and that is about it. Finally, if we are to go Center, the only guys who makes sense is Chris O'dowd (USC) or Jake Kirkpatrick (TCU), but this is not advocating a OC to OG transition. If you pick a center, you are picking a center.

Round 5 - S) Will Hill (Florida) - If he is available at this point. Mark it down. Other names to watch out for is DeJon Gomes (Nebraska). I hope he remains as under the radar as he currently is. He will be available to us then in this slot. Shiloh Keo (Idaho) is an agressive run support, but not the ideal 40 time that has been associated with Colts defenders.

Round 6 - S) We have enough injury prone guys at the position. I figure one more safety won't hurt. So, enter Mark Legree, "finished his career as the active leader in NCAA Division I with 22 career interceptions, four more than any other FCS or FBS player active in 2010" (via

Round 7 - LB) Come on we are the Colts. We draft a LB every year. This year that guy is Don DeCicco. Undersized OLB who played some safety in college. Maybe Mario Harvey from Marshall, but Bill never likes "overly" productive LBs so I will just give up.

Finally, a couple camp invites I would like to see

Keith Payne - RB - Virginia (Big Horse of a RB - I just want to see what a pure downhill Power back could do behind our line)

Armon Binns - WR - Cinnci

Adrian Taylor - DT - Oklahoma

Pep Levingston - DE (trying at DT) - LSU

Alex Wujciak - ILB - Maryland

AJ Jones- OLB - Florida

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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