An End to Controversy: BP and Early Round OTs

So, I'm considering starting a new series of fanposts named "An End to Controversy", and the purpose will be to end all the false hype about a certain topic of the colts. In this particular one, I'll be looking at Bill Polian's drafting scheme and his seeming 'dislike' of drafting offensive tackles early in the draft. if this fanpost generates enough 'recs' then I'll continue on with the series, and if not I guess I'll just stick to finishing the positional analysis stuff. I'll try to cover everything involving Bill Polian and the topic in general that is related and if you think I missed out on something, or if some of my information is wrong, feel free to criticize, I welcome debate.

 Bill Polian has always rebuilt the Colts through out the draft, and considering that the Colts have made the playoffs for 10 consecutive seasons, this feat is enough to tell ANYONE that Bill Polian is a team-building mastermind and that his draft-scheme works. Yes, he may be a bit of a jerk to the media, but he knows whats best. However, he seems to not like to draft offensive tackles early in the draft.

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Necesity and BPA

Bill Polian, typically drafts for the best player avaliable, but since getting into 'why BPA trumps Necesity' is long enough to be another fanpost of its own, so I'll save that for another day. However, there are several years in the draft, where neither the best player avaliable, or the most position in need, was an offensive tackle. I've only been a fan since 2004ish so I can't remember all the way back in the day (I was 7 in 2004) and I won't bother going too far back and make false assumptions about things I wasnt here for, so lets start at 2004.

*Tarik Glenn was drafted before Bill Polian joined the organizations, and although I dont remember exactly who was the RT, or if he was any good, right tackle is the most easily replaced position in the offensive-line which means there was no need in drafting one in the early rounds.  Also, there is no reason for drafting for depth in the first round unless absolutely needed, so I won't be discussing backups either.

Who were our main OT's in..


Tarik Glenn (LT) and Ryan Diem (RT). Glenn was still playing good football, and Diem had just been introduced to the league. Also, we had Jake Scott and Jeff Saturday who were both young and talented. Its obvious that there was no need for Bill Polian to select any offensive lineman. Moving on..


Once again, Tarik Glenn (LT) and Ryan Diem (RT). Glenn was a pro-bowler this year, and Diem had showed alot of potential every game. Once again, no need to draft an OT.


We had, argueably, the best offensive-line in football. Although Glenn was a pro-bowler again this year, his age was becoming a problem, so now we see the problem develop. Ryan Diem also had another solid year.


Bill Polian traded up in the second round, sacrificing our first round pick of the 2008 draft to snag bust OT, Tony Ugoh. Ryan Diem was nearing the end of his prime and was about to hit the dreaded 30s and Tarik Glenn suddenly retired. Many, including myself consider him to be a first round pick. So, when the position was NEEDED, Bill Polian took a risk to get it filled. I'm sure many of us were glad with the decision in the short-term, but were dissapointed in the long-term..


Diem hit the early thirties, but was still playing decent. Also Ugoh played good for his rookie season, and it seemed that there was no true need to get an offensive tackle in the draft. Also, we traded our first round pick for Ugoh, and used our second round pick to draft Mike Pollak. And we all know how hes turned out.. (benched 3 times so far). Still, no need for an OT.


Wow. Ugoh had a truly dissapointing season after starting off so well in his rookie season, and Diem started slowly declining. However, Diem was still decently-solid this season, and most OTs take 2-3 seasons to fully develop, so Ugoh had some hope. There wasn't a true need to draft an OT.


A prime example of the BPA vs Need arguement. Jerry Hughes, who was projected to go in the middle of the first round fell to the late 30s, which Rodger Saffold who was projected to only be a right tackle at the next level was avaliable. Diem, once again, had a decent year in 2009, so there wasnt a need to draft a RT. Anyone would take Jerry Hughes, who was clearly the superior player. Ugoh was officially a bad pick however, and should have been replaced. However, there were no suitable replacements in the first two rounds (saffold was a RT, and Charles Brown sucked this year) so Polian picked the BPA, and they both seemed to be good picks.


Holy shit. The colts management gave up on Tony Ugoh, and we had to replace him with Charlie Johnson, who was out of position. Ryan Diem declined horrendously fast, and theres no depth behind OT. Obviously, this is the most needed year to grab an offensive tackle, and like 2007, if the need is great enough, Polian will go out of the way to fill it.


Most of the franchise left tackles you will see on teams today, will be around the 1st pick to the 25th pick of the draft. The colts have the 22nd pick in the 2011 draft, and there should be atleast one of 5 decent LT prospects avaliable (Sherrod, Costanzo, Carimi, Solder, Smith). In recent years, there werent many OT avaliable at the time of our pick, and since we had a rather dissapointing season, we should have a potential franchise LT drop to us. If this happens, I can guarentee you that BP will take one.

Also, since most LTs are the first round, it should be noted that our other positions of need (DT and Safety) can be found in many other rounds. (Mookie was 5th round, Moala was 2nd round), while safety is also random (Bethea is 6th round, Bullit is undrafted). Therefore, LT should be the primary concern in this years draft sicne they have the perfect position to draft an LT while filling other holes on the roster.


Therefore, Bill Polian isn't against drafting tackles early in the draft. There hasnt been a true need for them in previous years, and when there finally was one in 2007, he filled the need completely. What I'm predicting for the 2011 draft, is that he will grab Anthony Costanzo or Derek Sherrod.

*This fanpost was more of a project I guess, I'm trying to change up my writing style alittle and start on various series, so don't give me too much hate on this lol. This was really short and I'll probably addd alittle more to it as I remember the stuff I was planning to write about.. or if anyone gives recommendations for topics, that'll be great.

as always, go colts and a rec is always appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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