My Story

This fan post is not opinionated and has no relevance on the Colts. It is just to tell my story of how I got into the Colts, and I hope to hear your's. If you don't want to hear about it, don't read it. This is just to liven things up a little and get people to hear others stories, boring or not. That's your opinion though, but this is my story, and I hope you like it and I look forward to reading yours.

To say I was destined to be a Colt fan, would be lying. I hated football when I was younger. My two brothers loved it and it controlled their lives on Sundays. I never understood the game and didn't want to learn. Don't get me wrong, I played backyard football and the ever immortal game NFL Blitz, but I hated watching the game.

My family started buying season tickets in '04, and I was dragged to the games against my will. Looking back it kills me that I didn't go to the game that Peyton Manning broke the record. I could've if I wanted to, but my Grandpa was a bigger fan. So I was left out. Same in '05, I still hated the game and hardly payed attention. I just cheered when everyone else did, and booed when they did. I had no will to even like the game or even try to.

Then in '06, believe it or not, I was given a Madden game for Christmas. I had no idea that because of that Madden game I would learn the game of football and realize that I freaking loved the game. I begged my parents to let me come to the games again, and that I'd learn to like it. The year went on, and I learned so much about from football and Madden surprisingly. And I learned that I really like the Colts, but I had no idea who the Patriots were. My family seemed to hate them, but I thought they seemed nice... All I knew was that the Colts beat them in the regular season and some guy named Tom Brady was one of the best there is.

Then the postseason came around, and my family and I went to the games. The Chiefs game was the first time I'd heard of Bob Sanders. Then after the Ravens game, came one of the days I'll always remember. I was one of the lucky few who went to the greatest AFCCG ever, the Colts Pats '06 game. The first half was miserable, and I remember saying there is no way they are coming back. Then, things starting going our way. The crowd was insane and no one dared to leave their seat in the last 3 minutes. I can still see the image of Brian Fletcher catching that sideline pass with 2:01 time left. Then one of my favorite new players, Joseph Addai, scored the winning TD. The crowd went freaking insane, and people were hugging and high fiving people that they've never met. And we started chanting Super Bowl, Super Bowl. And Marlin Jackson finish the job. To this day that is the loudest thing I've ever heard, over 40,000 people erupting with excitement that we were going to the Super Bowl. I'll never forget being there, and it was one of the main reasons I stayed into football.

The last bit of this story that sealed my fate as a Colts fan forever was the '07 training camp. There was no Manning, and it was my first time seeing so many people I admired. We just went for autographs and were trying to get as many as we could. I had the smart idea to be near where the players walked in and out of practice. So I could see players walking out and trying to get autographs. There were few of us there, so even a few players stopped by to talk. One of those guys, was a little known guy to most, called Antonie Bethea. Maybe he just took pity on a kid shaking with excitement in his Joseph Addai jersey that actually knew his name. Bethea came over and talked with a few fans and me. He told us to be there when practice was over so he could sign our stuff. I regret to say that my family was forcing me to carry more stuff for the guys who were signing stuff. Mike Hart, Roy Hall, and Joseph Addai were all there that day. Addai was a great guy, and was real nice to everyone. I ran back after I got Addai's autograph to see if Bethea was still there, but someone said he'd already gone inside. But at least I met Addai

These are the reasons I still love football. And why I do wear my Bethea jersey proudly whenever there's a Colts game. This is my story.

Just comment and rate if you liked, and at least leave your story if you want to. Thanks for reading, and hope you liked it! And as always, GO COLTS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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