NFL Lockout: Indianapolis Will Either Have Super Bowl In 2012, Or 2015

INDIANAPOLIS IN - JANUARY 08: Fans wait to enter the stadium to watch the Indianapolis Colts play against the New York Jets during their 2011 AFC wild card playoff game at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 8 2011 in Indianapolis Indiana. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

A big fear many people have expressed is how the lockout could affect the 2012 Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. It's entirely possible that this labor dispute could linger into the September and October months; unlikely but possible. If it does, the Super Bowl in 2012 will not get played in Indianapolis, as the season will probably be canceled.

Contrary to what some people think is 'fair,' the 2013 Super Bowl will NOT be defaulted to Indianapolis if the lockout kills the 2011 season. Believe it or not, logistics and planning have already begun on the 2013 host site, New Orleans. So, Indianapolis either gets the game in 2012, or not at all.

However, Mike Florio at PFT offers a possible glimmer of hope at an Indianapolis host site for a Super Bowl should the 2011 season be canceled.

Here's Mike at PFT:

This year, the vote on the next Super Bowl to be awarded won’t happen until October, according to Pat Yasinskas of  Though he points out that Tampa Bay will be one of the leading candidates for the game and the six days of events preceding it, there’s a much broader — and far more significant — point.

By October, the league will have a pretty clear idea as to whether Super Bowl XLVI will be played as scheduled in Indianapolis.  If the labor dispute has ended, the game can be awarded to Tampa or some other city.  If the lockout persists, the league would likely again defer the decision until the point at which it becomes clear that the 2012 Super Bowl will be lost.  And then the 2015 game would be given to Indianapolis.

To me, this seems fair and reasonable if true. Then again, if the NFL cancels the 2011 season, it really won't matter if Indy gets the Super Bowl in 2015 or not. The NFL will be, effectively, dead as a true major sports, relegated to the trash heap currently occupied by the MLB and NBA. Fans will, rightfully, tune out the NFL and dismiss the owners and players as nothing more than greedy idiots who aren't worth their time or money.

So, let's all hope it doesn't come to that.

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