It's time for the truth. After Manning retires. . .

Alright everyone I've been thinking a lot lately. In fact I've been thinking so much that I finally decided to encase myself in a batch of Peyton Manning's man juice that I have been collecting for the past 12 years.  Where am I getting Manning's man juice you might ask? Surprisingly there is a man that sells it for 100 dollars a bottle that lives behind in a dumpster outside my house.


But enough about my battle with schizophrenia, the purpose of this thread is to talk about what happens (as a fan) after Peyton Manning retires. More after the jump. . .


Recently I have been reading all these articles about how good the Colts will be without Manning. Honestly this team would be terrible. I am not even going to outline the numerous reasons why the Colts would be terrible without Manning because if you don't know why then you probably aren't cample of understanding the words that I am typing.So Manning just turned 35. I can see another 5 years at the most for Manning and that is pushing it.  My thouhgts on Polian aside, he needs to be a little more aggresive in the next couple of years if he wants to send Manning out with another ring or two.

So I thought today how devoted of a fan will I be after Manning retires?


I mean come on. As a Colts fan for over 10 years now I used to like the team as a whole. I used to appreciate players like Edge, Harrison, Tarik Glenn, Jake Scott, Bob Sanders, Brandon Stokley, Raheem Brock, Ryan Lilja and I even miss some guys like Nick Harper, Marlin Jackson and Cato June. (Was I the only guy that liked Cato June?)


but now I just don't really like many of the players. At least the young ones. Obvioulsy I love Manning enough to bathe in his man juice, and the same goes for guys like Freeney, Mathis, Brackett, Bethea, Wayne, and Austin Collie. But honestly in the next 5 years I can't realistically see most of those guys being on the colts roster still. Antoine Bethea might be,  Freeney and Mathis will be pushing 35 and 36 (they will still be starting over Jerry Hughes though), Brackett, Wayne , and Saturday will likely be retired or off the team, and Collie I hope he can stay healthy.  Clark is a toss up, can't really see him on the team in 5 years. Other than those guys (oh sorry forgot to mention Jacob Lacey he is awesome) I don't really have strong ties with the team.


I'm sorry but a lot of the younger players are just annoying as dog shit. Am I the only guy that doesn't like Pat McAfee? The guy is a joke. He is an average punter and all his off field jokes/antics are just annoying. He isn't that good to be doing stupid shit off the field. If he were on teh Jaguars we would hate him. Garcon seems like a nice kid and all but cmon did Harrison ever point to his jersey? Garcon needs to pull his head out and be more consitent.  And I just wanna punch Donald Brown in the face. I'm sure he is a nice guy but some of these players just seem to not 'care' as much or have as much of a love for the game as some other players.


I don't have much respect for Caldwell. I don't hate him but he hasn't done much to earn my respect. Polian while he is still a good GM, he seems to have been losing it the past couple of year with this whole mentality of, "me against the world."  Moore and Teerlinck, the only two coaches that I love will be gone in 5 years.


Now don't get all this wrong, I have much loyalty to the Colts. I even cut myself the other day to make sure that I really do bleed blue! But honeslty I don't really like the direction that the team is going in. I used to have much respect and love for the old teams personell and players. But now it seems that the people coming in to replace the old team they just don't have the same appeal.


So I am still torn, and I will probably wait another 5 years to worry about this. But in all honesty as soon as Manning is gone I don't know how much I will go out of my way to support this team anymore. Again I love the Colts, but cmon man everyone on here is a colts fan more or less for guys like Manning, Saturday, Edge, and Tome Moore and less for guys like Caldwell, Clyde Christensen, and Kelvin Hayden.


there are some good young players though I don't want to discount them. Look for Angerer, Lacey, Conner, to step up and be leaders in the future. But something drastic will have to happen when Manning retires or else this team will be nothing more than a few good players, and a bunch of mediocre players running around not caring whether the teams wins or not. Shoot our head coach sure as hell doesn't seem to care!


P.S. I hope the Polian-Caldwell duo is around for at least another 2 or 3 years after Manning retires so we can see just how good they really are. If they retire when Manning retires I'm gonna punch my pet monkey, chimp, in the face.


Pat McAfee sucks


Go Colts!! (Or should I say Go Manning!)


Let's all hope that the world doesn't end when Manning retires. I imagine that as soon as Manning retires, the streets of New York will collapse and fire breathing monkeys with jetpacks will take over the world.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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