My Madden 12 Franchise Team ???


Hey All

  Just thought i would put this article up now when everything seems pretty quite.

Every new Madden me and my room mate make a new franchise team, and play at least 6 seasons with the team.

 We may do it a little different to the way everyone else does, we either do a fantasy draft or just make heaps of trades to get the team we want usually its made up of 98% rookies and second year players lol that's cause we like having players with real faces on the team and its fun to watch them progress. 

 The main thing we do that i think most might not do but i may be wrong is we make a player each on the defense i make a Free Safety and he makes a Strong Safety (rating cant be more than 84 overall) and those two players are the only players we play with for the whole season we sim all offense and only play the downs that were on the field for. Its so much fun as every other player on the team has to win season awards and the trip to Hawaii on their own efforts. And we are constantly battling it out to get with each other trying to win DB of the year award and Rookie MVP and its so intense when you are down by 3 1;50 left in the 4 and you have made a key stop and you have no control over whether the offense scores or makes us both simultaneously face palm ourselves.

 So around this time we are very busy with choosing the team we will start with for the new madden 12 me being a colts fan and my room mate being a giants fan we made a deal that we cant have any colts or giants on the team unless we both agree.

I thought i would share with you my proposal i'm about to hit him with give me all the feedback you have !!

 The team after the jump


                    DE:  Cameron Wake     DT: Stephen Paea     DT:    Linval Joseph   DE: Jerry Hughes 


               OLB Gary Guyton                          ILB  Casey Matthews                         OLB   Von Miller


CB 1: Patrick Peterson   CB 2: Eric Berry                                            CB 3: Joe Haden   CB 4: Prince Amukamara


                               SS: Room mate                                                                  FS: Me


                                  OG: Maurkice Pouncey   C: Nick Mangold     OG: Mike Pouncey  


           OT: Trent Williams                                                                               OT: Gabe Carimi   TE Aaron Hernandez


WR:  Julio Jones     WR:    Davone Bess                                                            WR: Jacoby Ford              WR AJ Green


                                                                Colt McCoy or Josh Freeman



                                                                Mike Ingram or Peyton Hillis                                        


   So the gaps i need to fill and change are QB, C and HB give me your ideas. Also hes not made on Hughes and i'm not mad on Linval Joseph but hes in there so Jerry can be there but if you can think of two cool young players i can replace them both with let me no who they are, they don't have to be freak players we prefer average players who will improve on the team!!

   In the comments if you want and if you have time show me the team you would have if you could only use rookies and players up to 3 years experience try and limit the amount of colts in there if you can !!!

  We also cant decide on which team to use either Chiefs or Lions or Ravens who should we choose ???

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