Greg Salas Potential Colts Fourth Rounder????


 Knowing that Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez are going to be big question marks heading into this season (hope they both can play), and Blair White (Blair White is to Austin Collie as Kitna is to Tony Romo) being a rather big project; I thought I would take a look at Greg Salas.

Greg Salas, Mike Maycok has said is a 4th round steal in a NFL video over the draft you can watch that here, and Collin commented on Greg Salas as being a prototypical colts receiver in his 2nd day wrap of the NFL Draft. To put a long story short I did a little digging and liked what I found on Greg Salas. 


Greg Salas is a product of the University of Hawaii where he caught 225 passes over his Junior and Senior years (Hawaii is a pass heavy offense).  If you look at his numbers of yards per catch as posted by ESPN (click here for the link) you can see his very consistent in getting around 15 yards when he has the football. Also at 6’2’’ and 210 pounds the guys combine 40 yard dash was 45.56 while Austin Collies combine 40 yard dash was 45.53. That’s only 0.03 seconds slower and he is about 25 pounds heavier. 45.56 may not be the speediest or quickest time, but he is a slot receiver, so I don’t see a major problem with that.  Wes from the National Football Post has Greg Salas ranked at number 23 but has done a break down on the guys skills here are some strengths:

“he does do a nice job being physical down the field and in and out of his breaks. Likes contact and possesses good strength and body control, knows how to knock corners off balance in tight areas and quickly change direction and separate underneath. Exhibits a real savvy to his game, knows how to set up routes, change speeds and use his big frame to gain a step and box corners from the football. Isn't a real explosive route runner, but showcases good body control and does a great job bringing his routes back toward the football on sharply breaking routes, limiting the angle for the cornerback to make a play on the throw.”

So more strengths he listed are:

“Displays good ball skills and awareness down the field. Isn't a guy who will ever outrun anyone, but picks up speed as he goes, locates the football quickly and is fearless when asked to go up and make a play. Also, has some toughness to his game after the catch, works hard, gets up the field quickly and is a bit more shifty than given credit for.”

I know that someone (I think it was BBS) said that Blair White wasn’t that shifty. I’ve seen some of Greg Salas tape or what I found anyways (I’ll add that towards the end) and I tend to agree with Wes.

However no player is completely perfect and here is what Wes had to say about his Weakness.

“Isn't real explosive off the football and it takes him a bit to get into his routes. Isn't real shifty or sudden off the line, either, and works nearly exclusively out of the slot. Doesn't strike me as a guy who is ever going to consistently get off press on the outside at the next level.”

Again I agree with Wes here in the tape I saw him just flat out take off into his route instead of really juking around any corner. Wes didn’t offer much criticism so I went to the NFL and found there combine player profiles.

Here are the weakness they found:

“Needs to polish up his route running for a prospect without elite quickness. May have difficulty consistently gaining separation at the next level. Is vulnerable against physical corners lined up in press-man coverage. Not going to take the short pass for a long gainer.”

They also listed some strengths Here:

“Salas is a highly-productive player. Can work himself open against zone coverage. Puts his frame in between the ball and the defender. Has reliable hands and can adjust to the back shoulder throw. Is a speed-builder who can get vertical with a free release off the line. Willing to catch the ball in traffic.”

Again I tend to side with Wes more especially after watch his game tape. Also I will say that the guy is big which indicates that he will be durable at the next level. Durability is something this Colts team could use a lot of. And personally as a fan I’m tired of seeing both offensive and defensive players down and out because of injuries. When the NFP gave a grade to Salas they gave no letter grade, and nor was I able to find any history of injury (why somebody would draft a player who is considered light and has had injury history is beyond me).  Greg Salas was also on the watch list for the Fred Biletnikoff award which is awarded annually to the most outstanding college football receiver Larry Fitzgerald got the award in 2003. Here is a video courtesy of tell me what you think as I just joined the other day (I’ve been lurking for a couple of months now) and would love to hear your feedback.


This wasn't the original one I saw but it is still good.

here is another vid:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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