Who's Better: Manning or Brady?

Who’s better: Manning or Brady?


This has been a hot topic for the past 8 or so years, and today it will be examined.


When examining this, you must take into consideration, who has won more Super Bowls, who could do more with less, the stats that each quarterback has amassed in their careers, who would do better if put on the same team, and the team they had won they won the Super Bowl.

First, who has won more Super Bowls? The answer is Tom Brady with three to Peyton Manning’s one. Tom Brady won Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX. In those years he beat the heavily favoured Rams in the Super Bowl XXXVI, the Panthers in XXXVIII, and the Eagles in XXXIX. Peyton Manning has only won Super XLI, and it was against the Bears who came in the game with the number 1 ranked defense.

Secondly, who could do more with less? This is a very difficult question to ask due to the fact that they’ve done so much for their respected teams. The answer is Peyton Manning. The reason its Manning is because let’s look at the Colts this year, they had the 31st best rushing attack (2nd to last), 25th best run defense in the NFL, and a pretty bad pass defense, and still brought the team on his back to the playoffs. Even though Brady had one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL he still had a 1000 yard rusher in Benjarvis Green-Ellis, and the 11th best run defense. When Manning one his 1st and only Super Bowl, he had the worst run defense in the NFL, but the 2nd pass defense in the NFL. When Brady won his 3 Super Bowls he had a fantastic defense with Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Richard Seymour, and Mike Vrabel. The year where Brady was out for the year (2008), and Matt Cassel came in, the Patriots went 11-5, which means that the team around Brady is phenomenal. With Manning the team loses 7-10 wins a year, and with Brady they lose 4-7 wins a year. The answer is Manning, because over the years Manning has had one of the worst defenses in the NFL, and still managed to take the Colts to 9 straight playoff appearances.

Thirdly, the stats; even though Manning has played 3 years longer his stats on pace to break most of the NFL records, such as career passing yards, career touchdown passes, career completions and career attempts. For the last 5 years, the Colts had to rely on Manning more due to departure of Edgerrin James, therefore making their run offense bad. Manning has more attempts per game than Brady. Brady always had a great running back, whether it was Antowain Smith, Kevin Faulk, Corey Dillon, Laurence Maroney, or Benjarvis Green Ellis, the Patriots always had 1000 yard rushers. Because the Colts rely more on Manning, and he is on pace to break most NFL records, I’ve got to give this round to Manning.

Fourthly, who would be better if put on the same team? Let’s pretend that Manning was on the Patriots. If Peyton Manning was given a top 10 defense, and a 1000 yard rusher, the team would be unstoppable. If Tom Brady went to the Colts, where they have a 20th or so ranked defense and a 700 yard rusher, the team would not be favorites and would always lose to “Manning and the Patriots.” Manning has much more to carry than Brady, but because these two players are the quarterbacks, they get most of the credit. You never know though, maybe if Brady was on the Colts, the Colts would rely more on Brady, meaning better stats, and the Patriots would not rely that much on Manning, meaning a decrease in stats. Who would do better if they had to switch teams or if they were both on the same team: a very tough decision, but it again goes to Peyton Manning.

Finally, who had the better team when they went won the Super Bowl? For the sake of this round, the 2004 Patriots will be the “prototype team” due to the fact that Brady and the Patriots have won more Super Bowls. When Peyton Manning went to the Super Bowl, he had a 1000 yard rusher in Joseph Addai, the number 2 ranked pass defense, but the worst run defense. When Brady went to the Super Bowl in 04’, he had the 17th best pass defense, the 6th best rush defense, and the 7th best run offense. This means that both teams had pretty much an identical team, perhaps the better offense going to the Patriots, and the defenses were the same. In this case, the Patriots may have had the better team, but the point is, is that they were better than their opposition. The answer is that Brady wins this round.

All in all, Peyton Manning wins this 3-2 because over the past 12 years he had to carry his team more than Brady has, and that is huge when examining something like this. Even though Brady won more Super Bowls, and it is arguably the most important factor when examining quarterbacks, it should be taken into consideration that Brady had the better team when he won the Super Bowl. These are two future hall of famers, who are the two best quarterbacks in the game today.


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