2011 NFL Mock Draft: Colts Now Eye Corey Liuget, DT From Illinois

SB Nation's weekly Mock Draft update, coordinated by my buddy Brian Gailliford, once again has the Colts using their No. 22 pick on a tackle. this time, it isn't Derek Sherrod, Stephen Paea, or Nate Solder. Instead, it's Corey Liuget, a defensive tackle from Illinois that many Big Ten fans are very familiar with.

22. Indianapolis Colts: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois. There are a couple of tackles – Smith and Solder, to be specific – that Bill Polian should consider if they’re available here. With both of those guys gone, defensive tackle should be the focus – and Liuget’s size and athleticism make him a very strong fit up front for the Colts.

Again, just from a pure need perspective, I would be very happy if the Colts used the No. 22 on Liuget. Indy has absolutely zero chance of winning a Super Bowl if the starting DTs for this defense are Fili Moala and Daniel Muir. An upgrade at DT is a big priority, especially if management is stupid enough to let Antonio Johnson walk.

My interest in Liuget was further peaked when Joe Kutsunis of SB Nation's U. of Illinois blog Hail To The Orange did a guest draft article at SB Nation Indiana on the aspiring NFL DT. Not surprisingly, Joe raved over Liuget. His comments, and video, are after the jump.

Joe Kutsunis at SB Nation Indiana:

Liugets strength in college has always been in the pass rush, as can be demonstrated in his fantastic performances against Indiana's Ben Chappell and Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Liuget's ability to generate a pass rush in a three technique would be a great fit for the Colts' cover two defense.

Liuget has great speed for a lineman, and with that speed he should be attractive to a lot of NFL scouts, and his performances in off season workouts has led to his sudden rise in profile, having been a questionable second rounder when he decided to forgo his senior season for the NFL.

Liuget seems to me to be somewhat comparable to the Bears now former defensive tackle Tommie Harris, with a similar height and build, but without any history of injury, but it is unclear at this point if Liuget can reach the heights that Harris did in his rookie year.

Joe was also kind enough to find for us a profile video of Liuget.

Again, I'm not screaming like the raving lunatic I usually am on draft day if Liuget's name is called at pick No. 22 for the Colts. He seems to fit the bill as a Tampa-2 tackle. The question is, will the Colts break from tradition and draft a DT in Round One?

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