TDC's 1st Round Mock Draft Followed by Full Colts Mock Draft


So, I am going to try to kill two birds with one stone.  Or is it two girls and one cup?  Anyways, what I am going to attempt is a full round one NFL Mock followed with a mock of the Colts full draft.  You dig?  Hopefully, this works out well and I will apologize up front if it does not.  I am not an English major nor am I a sports analyst.  I am just a slightly overweight armchair quarterback who can coach from the couch with the best of them.  And no I am not Rex Ryan.

Call me crazy or tell me you don't agree, but please don't tell me I'm an idiot; this whole mock is speculative only and frankly we all are only guessing. Plus, I am an idiot, so I beat you to it.


PART 1: 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1

1.     Carolina Panthers – Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

Huh?  Yup.  Look Jimmy Clausen was atrocious last year and showed absolutely no potential as a starter in this league let alone a budding franchise quarterback.  B. Gabbert seems to me to have all the tools: he can make the pro level throws, has great size at 6’5" and 235lbs, a quick release and great accuracy.  Probably the lowest risk of any of the QBs in this years draft.  Number one might seem like a reach for this guy, but like I said after last year it was painfully obviously that there needs to be a new guy under center and this might be Rivera’s opportunity to snag a franchise type guy.  Carolina would like to go D-line here, but with a draft this deep at the DL position they can probably grab a quality guy with the 1st pick of round 3.

2.     Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

Denver here probably wants to go best defensive line player and while many people may prefer Fairley or Bowers, I think Denver prefers the strength, relentless motor and exceptional tackling from Dareus.  Not fast, but quick off the snap, could be a future pro bowler (IMO)

3.     Buffalo Bills – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

I think he falls to number three because of questions whether he was a one year wonder.  So why then doesn’t he fall further?  Possibly because he is a high risk high reward type player.  Beast or bust?   Strong with great balance and a good bull rush.  Seems to be in the right spot during run plays.

4.     Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

At 6’4" and 210, Green gives the Bengals the much needed wide out of the future.  A great catcher with big hands, he is a definite upgrade over an aging Ochocinco and TO.  Not great speed, but gets off the line quickly.

5.     Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

Arizona has some old ass geriatric linebackers, so this is a no brainer.  This is an instant upgrade.

6.    Cleveland Browns – Robert Quin, DE, North Carolina

Just a matter of fit, Quin seems to me to be a better fit for Cleveland’s new 4-3 scheme than taking Fairley.  Ironically, Fairley is probably the better player of the two, but sometimes it is all about systems.  And hey somebody slides every year; it could be Fairley this year if he doesn’t go number one he might slide to number 7.

7.   San Francisco 49ers – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

At this point you take Fairley, he probably has the most potential upside of anyone in this years draft class.  I would really be surprised if he fell all the way to the 9ers, but hey he is a great value at this pick, so you take him.  Plus, he would be a tremendous asset to new coach Hardbough.

8.     Tennessee Titans – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

Titan fans probably can’t get any happier than Peterson falling in their laps.  In a division where you play against the greatest ever twice a year you need an elite type CB and Peterson is just that.  He has fluid hips doesn’t bite all the play action and just always seems to be in the right place.  An ideal draft pick for the Titans.

9.     Dallas Cowboys – Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

A freakish type athlete and converted TE, Solder has a tremendous upside and that is exactly how the Cowboys would like to keep Romo: UP SIDE and not on the ground.  At 6’8" and 315lbs, he has the size and ability to block almost anyone.  Could become a great pass blocker, but most develop the skills to be successful against speed rushers and on running plays.  Jerry Jones is a bit unconventional and likes to take risks and that is why I feel he will reach for Solder, but looking around I am not the only one to think this.

10.   Washington Redskins – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

I mentioned this as a possibility in the SB Community Mock, barring the unavailability of both Robert Quin or Blaine Gabbert.  I really think those two would be the target for the Redskins, but in this draft those guys are already gone and Washington could really use an elite type receiver.  Jones’ numbers at the combine were through the rough coupled with two productive college season and Washington has possibly the best WR in the draft.  You can’t be too upset with this pick if a Redskins fan.

11. Houston Texans – Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

Like I mention with the Titans, if you go against Peyton twice a year than you better have an elite type CB and Prince is the second best CB in the draft.  Houston is owned by Peyton and the only way to beat him is with a strong physical corner that can get up a jab the Colts Wr at the LOS.  This is what Amukamara can bring them.

12.  Minnesota VikingsCam Newton, QB, Auburn

The Vikings need a QB and Cam Newton is the best one on the board.  He is a development project, but in Minnesota he would be able to win a starting spot right away.  This could be beneficial to him coming off a great college year.  Plus, he would have plenty of help on the offensive side by having AP as his RB.  I think this would be a good risk to take for the Vikes.

13.   Detroit Lions – Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Again, I will go with system fit here over best player available.  With Jeff Backus at LT, this would give Smith 1-2 years to develop into a solid Offensive tackle while starting right away on the right side and eventually slide over to LT and be the future there for the Lions.  With Backus and Smith, perhaps Stafford gets through a whole season.  I go with Smith over guys like Carimi, Castonzo, or Sherrod because to me those guys are all LT ready and I think the Lions would like to develop someone for left tackle while benefiting from a few good years at right.  Plus, Smith barely turned 20!

14.  St. Louis Rams – Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

Could become a great OLB in St. Louis’ system and would upgrade the position.  This is a need position for St. Louis and Ayers is the best OLB on the board.

15.  Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams either both or one of them will not be back with the team next year.  Miami likes to run a two-headed dragon on offense and they need another great back to fit in there.  Insert Mark Ingram, a great all-around running back with plenty of power, vision, and balance.  A good fit in Miami.

16.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA

Jag fans have been begging for a new safety for what seems to be like the last five years, but really the last two have been really bad for them.  While probably a reach here, Moore is the best safety in this years draft and this is probably the biggest position of need for the Jags.  Reach or not, Moore will instantly upgrade the Jags sponge like secondary.

17.   New England Patriots – Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

The Pats need to replace Matt Light who will probably be to expensive to retain.  Castonzo was a 4-year starter that could start right away for the Pats.  Great footwork, intelligent, and very good technique.  Unfortunately, he could keep Brady off his arse.

18. San Diego Chargers – Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Another 4 year starter at tackle (can play either side), Carimi will probably start out as a RT and eventually become the left tackle possibly towards the end of the season.  Carimi is a bruiser and could open big holes for 2nd year guy Ryan Matthews.  A great leader with high character, although not your normal Chargers pick, he could signify the changing of the guard errrr tackle.

19.  New York Giants – Mike Pouncey, G/C, Florida

Probably this high based on what his twin brother accomplished for the Steelers.  Great football player with a feisty side and a natural born leader.  He will help upgrade an aging offensive line and is very versatile (can play either guard spot or center).

20.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri

Already stacked with great DT, all the Bucs need is a solid defensive end.  Enter Aldon Smith.  Smith has great potential with a crazy fast explosion off the edge.  The highest rated DE left on the board.  Will work well in Tampa.

21.   Kansas City Chiefs – Cameron Jordan, DE, California

This pick is made to take pressure off of Hali ala Mathis for Freeney.  Jordan is good off the edge, but also has a decent bull rush with a good mix of size and athleticism.  Again, ideally for the Cheifs Jordan/Hali become the next Mathis/Freeney.

22.   Indianapolis Colts – Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

I know, I know.  Believe me; WE ALL WANT SHERROD HERE, but Polian just does not seem to like to go OT/DT in the first round, so I think all the talk around Sherrod is probably smokescreens to help set up a draft day trade down and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick.  But, as I am not doing trades here, I will stick with something Polian tends to do and draft against wisdom or trends and goes after skill positions.  I like Torrey Smith, his work ethic is unrivaled and he is extremely dangerous downfield and most important he catches the damn ball.  I don’t think the Colts re-sign Wayne because he is declining and will probably want too much ala Harrison.  I think it is smart to draft a guy this year to be the future replacement of Wayne, because I just don’t have total faith in Garcon as a future number one nor do I trust Gonzo or Collie to be around all year.  I personally would love to have Sherrod here, but I just don’t think it happens and Polian will piss everyone off probably on purpose and take a WR.

23.  Philadelphia Eagles – Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

All CB except Samuel sucked chodem last year.  The secondary needs an upgrade and Smith has been flying up peoples draft boards.  I like him and I think he will be good at the next level.  At 6’2" 205lbs, he has a body like a safety but much better speed.  Not a great tackler in the open field, but you are drafting someone to defend the pass and this he is good at.

24.   New Orleans Saints – Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

Desperately needs to upgrade Alex Brown and Kerrigan seems to fit the bill.  Great anchor against the run with good burst off the LOS.  Non-stop motor.

25.   Seattle Seahawks – Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

Could be used as too improve the secondary with this move, Williams is a physical corner with fluid hips and straight-line speed.  I think good value here at 25.

26.   Baltimore Ravens – Brandon Harris, CB, Miami (the U)

Another team that seems to need cornerback help, Brandon Harris seems to fit the Ravens style.  A smart physical cover guy with good football instincts.  Could develop into an all pro IMO.  I personally like his style.

27.  Atlanta Falcons – Jon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

The ATL and Matty Ice need someone opposite White to take some of the pressure off, because after last year people will really key in on Roddy the Rowdy Receiver.  Baldwin, although  attitude and character problems, he has all the tools to develop into a key guy with the right coaching.  I think he would be a good fit in Atlanta. 

28.  New England Patriots – J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

New England addressed their O-line needs with their first pick, so it makes sense to address their d-line needs.  Watt is a big dude at 6’6" 290lbs, could possibly put more weight on his frame.  Good against the run and can play 3 or 5 technique, very flexible and versatile.  I hate the Patriots.

29.   Chicago Bears – Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

Holy crap man did Cutler get his ass beat last year.  To me it is only logical to upgrade the O-line.  D. Sherrod could develop into a solid LT, one to the like that I wished the Colts would have drafted.  Great feet, good size, athletic, good hands.  Kind of a nonchalant laidback guy that lacks total aggression could be a Tarik Glen or a Tony Ugoh, but only time will tell.


30.   New York Jets – Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State

Gholston sucks green donkey dick, and compared to him, Heyward is a jizzabelle.  This would be an incredible upgrade for the Jests.  J-e-t-s need a serious pass rush and Heyward is probably the best left here in the first.  A great athlete with good strength, could probably fill in any position along the d-line, but projects best as a DE.  Like I said, definitely better than Gholston.

31.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

McFadden is a decent corner and Ike Taylor may leave via free agency, either way it would hurt to upgrade the secondary.  Burton is the best left and he has pretty decent ball skills, and he sticks well to receivers.  His tackling is a bit questionable though.

32.   Green Bay Packers – Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

He barely avoids slipping out of the first round, because his production drop between his junior and senior years.  Undeniably a huge red flag for scouts and GMs, but what the guy did his junior year was incredible and people thought of him as a top 20 player last year, and he was projected the beginning of this year to be top 5.  I don’t know what happened, but he is powerful, athletic, and flexible, so maybe with the right coaching at the next level he can be somebody again.  Not a huge risk here for the Packers, because if he does develop this would be a great steal.


PART 2: 2011 Colts Mock Draft A

1.     Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

See above: It just seems to me like a Polian type deal.

2.   Robert Sands, S, West Virginia

At 6’4" 225lbs, he is a huge safety, so none of the Bob Sanders type problems.  He also ran the 40 in 4.57 which to me was impressive given his size and it was the third best in his group.  Sands was basically top 6 in all safety drills, further proving that he is an all-around safety.  A great tackler, the way he reads the field kind of reminds me of Troy P. of the Steelers.

3.   Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

A great athlete and an upgrade over Muir.  I would be excited about a d-line of Freeney-Moala-Austin-Mathis.  Sat out for a year so should be healthy,  I don’t really see the character concerns, I believe he made a mistake and paid for it and he slipped in the draft because of it.

4.     James Carpenter, OT/G, Alabama

A good value lineman that can play either tackle spot or could kick in to play guard.  This sounds like the kind of lineman we always draft.  Would not be surprised here.

5.     Chimdi Chekwa, CB, Ohio State

We all know Polian likes his Big Ten guys, so I would not be surprise if he grabbed a later round cornerback for some depth.  Chekwa has good speed and is physical and with some coaching could develop into a starter, but would at least be an upgrade on Hayden (assuming we cut him to save money) or Lacey.

6.     Jah Reid, OT, Central Florida

At 6’7" 325lbs, this guy is huge athletic right tackle hopefully to replace Diem.  We can only hope.

7.   Given up during the Justin Tryon Trade


Colts Mock Draft B (My Wishlist)

1.     Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

Because we all want to finally address our LT need with a legitimate first round pick.  I like Sherrod, just like many others, and on draft day I hope this is our pick.

Other possible wants for this pick

Corey Liuget, DT, Illinios

Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

>2.     Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State

Wishlist right?  This guy would be perfect next to Moala.

Other possible wants for this pick

Orlando Franklin, OT/G, Miami (the U)

Jerrell Jernigan, WR, Troy

3.   Jeremy Kerley, WR, TCU

Another slot receiver that runs great routes and has strong hands.  Decent at returns as well.

Other possible wants for this pick

Jarvis Jenkins, DT, Clemson

Marcus Gilchrist, CB/S, Clemson

Casey Matthews, SLB, Oregon

4.     Tyler Sash, S, Iowa

Polian likes to go Big Ten, especially Iowa.  Sash could replace Bob Sanders.  I would be happy.

Other possible wants for this pick

Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii

Kris O’Dowd, C, USC

Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State

5.     Joe Barksdale, OT, LSU

Because I really really want to upgrade our o-line

Other possible wants for this pick

Brandon Fusco, C, Slippery Rock

Lee Ziemba, G, Auburn

Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union

6.    Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon

Again, just to help upgrade and give depth to our lines.

Other possible wants for this pick

Ian Williams, DT, Notre Dame

Mike Mohomed, LB, Cal

Alex Wujciak, LB, Maryland






Please debate, talk about, enjoy or give your ideas, but this took alot of time and research so please don't tear me apart!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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