Though A Bust, It's Hard Not To Root For Quinn Pitcock

Former OSU defensive tackle and 2007 third round pick Quinn Pitcock was a costly bust for the Indianapolis Colts. There really is no denying that. The team saw him as a defensive cornerstone at the DT spot, an area that has been a weakness for this team since former Colts personnel head Bill Tobin told Tony Siragusa to take a hike back in 1996.

When Pitcock chose to 'retire' the day he was to report to training camp in 2008, it set the franchise back. The Colts surrendered 1,966 rushing yards that season (4.2 a carry) due, in large part, to not having a reliable tackle rotation. For this reason, we ranked Pitcock as the No. 7 draft bust all-time for the Indianapolis Colts.

Still, even though Pitcock was a big disappointment as a player, that doesn't mean writers and fans like me don't feel sympathy for the circumstances that surrounded his 'retirement.' Heck, I'm rooting for the guy to get back in the league. So far, it seems he's on the right track:

He appears finally to have control of his life. The Colts' 2007 third-round draft pick is in the midst of a comeback after seeing his career derailed after one season by bouts of depression and an addiction to video games.

"I'm blessed I am where I am now," Pitcock said. "I still have a full life ahead of me. There is even more of a desire (to play in the NFL)."

It wasn't that long ago that Pitcock, 27, an All-American defensive tackle at Ohio State, was seen by the Colts as a future defensive cornerstone. They made him the 98th overall selection in '07. After a slow start to his rookie season, he compiled 30 tackles and 11/2 sacks in nine games.

However, Pitcock's transition to the NFL was anything but smooth. An introvert by nature, in a new environment and reluctant to ask for help, he gradually withdrew from most contact with teammates away from the Colts' complex.

Pitcock's withdrawal from the team was likely a symptom of depression, as was his 'addiction' to video games.

However, despite his problems, Pitcock seems to be rebounding. He was diagnosed with mild depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), both a curable with medication. He's also working out with the help of some former Colts teammates and conditioning coach Kevin Hallabaugh.

Here's to hoping Quinn can find a way back to the NFL. Hey, with as bad as our DTs played last year, it probably wouldn't hurt to give the kid another shot.

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