Jaiquawn Jarret potential colt


It’s quite obvious to everyone that the Colts have three pressing needs to fill in this year’s draft; OT,DT, and SS.  Several mock drafts have us filling these needs in the first four rounds of the draft, with safety coming in the form of Quinton Carter in the second round (according to both BBS, and our friends at mocking the draft). I like that pick, but would much rather see the colts taking a DT like Stephen Pea (should he fall that far) or OC/G Stefen Wisniewski.  And then in the third round I would love it if we picked up Jaiquawn Jarrett FS out of temple, even though it is a bit of reach.


                Jaiquawn Jarrett played FS at Temple, but he would be fit in excellent at the SS spot in Indy’s Tampa 2 system.  The guy hits like a brick house, and says that run support is where his strengths are at. Another plus the guy has going for him is he was a three year starter at Temple, and played in EVERY game of his collegiate career, so durability is not an issue with this guy, which is good because as a fan, I would like to see a constant presence in the backfield besides the amazingness that is Antoine Bethea. Also Jaiquawn is a high character player who was the team leader in tackles last year. Also he has played on special teams which are a plus for the Colts as well.  The guy has a lot of strengths.

Mocking the Draft:

Jarrett played in a cover-2 system at Temple and is at his best in the middle part of the field. Has a lot of experience and is a gritty, tough player. He has good instincts to diagnose plays. Rarely bites on fakes and play action. When he does, though, Jarrett has good change-of-direction skills to turn and make a play toward the ball. Is fundamentally sound in pass coverage, staying low in his pedal and opening his hips. Likes to play near the line of scrimmage a lot.


Jarrett is a well prepared player that is always in position. Possesses good instincts, reads quickly and is very effective in zone coverage. Flashes the ability to cover slot receivers in man coverage. Wades through traffic, fills hard in run support and is a good tackler in the open field



Possesses a nice-sized frame for the position and looks a little thicker on tape than his measurables would suggest. Has started every game for the Owls over the past three seasons and durability is not an issue with him. Is a smooth, balanced defensive back who does a great job keeping his feet under him in his drop. Looks very natural when asked to sit into his back-pedal, quickly and cleanly gets good depth in coverage and demonstrates the ability to plant his foot in the ground and click and close on the football. Allows his footwork to get a bit overextended when driving on the throw, but has the skill set to quickly clean himself up in that area with some NFL coaching. Is a fluid, flexible athlete who does a nice job when asked to turn and run, getting back up to top-end speed quickly and doesn't waste much motion at all out of any transition in coverage. Generates a good burst for himself out of his breaks and his initial first step allows him to put himself in position to make a lot of plays on the football.

Has improved as a tackler this season and seems to be more comfortable attacking the line of scrimmage, dropping his pad level and striking what he sees on contact. But overall he's a long-armed guy who does have the balance to break down, take good angles toward the football and wrap up consistently in space. Also, has improved his overall feel in zone coverage, feeling routes develop around him, getting earlier jumps on the football and giving himself more opportunities to make plays on the pass. Showcases good but not great ball skills, gets his hands on his fair share of footballs, can contort his body and possesses good coordination when asked to make a play on the football. Plays faster than his timed speed would indicate because of his impressive change of directions skills.

I really like Wes’s overview of Jaiquawn Jarrett a lot, and especially the comment about him improving over the course of the years, which I feel will translate as him being a hard worker at the next level, it may not, but still it is a good sign.  

However the guy is not without his weaknesses.

Mocking the Draft:

He struggles when asked to play close to the line or deep. For whatever reason, he doesn't play back far enough and will get beaten over the top. Has a small frame and can be easily overpowered. Will need to get much bigger, but may not have the frame to do so. Will over-pursue in the run game and take himself out of a play.


Does not have the size to play near the line of scrimmage at the next level. Lacks the top end speed to be a true center fielder and will struggle to recover once he is beat. Hands are not reliable and he does not have the ball skills to be a ball hawk.


isn't the most impressive of pluckers. Possesses solid but not overwhelming ball skills when asked to come down with the turnover. Lacks ideal top-end speed and looks more like a 4.5 guy on tape.

So overall the guy isn’t the fastest in the world, and he doesn’t possess the surest of hands. He only had to picks last season.  He could also stand to bulk up a little bit. However, none of these raise any red flags for me, and the Colts have already expressed interest in him. I also got some information from this link

Combine Stats:

40 Yard Dash

4.65 Time

Bench Press

14.0 Reps

Vertical Jump

30.0 Height

Broad Jump

113.0 Distance

3 Cone Drill

6.95 Time

20 Yard Shuttle

4.14 Time

60 Yard Shuttle

11.72 Time

Highlight reel:

Game Tape

Sorry about the vids, I went to embed them, and when I published it the first two times they didn't show so I resorted to this

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